Digi Term 4 Finale

Digi-AU Finale. Once you have presented at our Year 6 Expo, upload your project (or part of your project) to a blog post and reflect on the learning you’ve experienced and the presentation you made. Make sure you answer these questions: Did I really challenge myself? and, Did I amaze my audience as much as I could have? Due date: Thursday 1st December (the day after you’ve presented at our Year 6 Expo)

This project was really interesting, especially as this term our Digi AU had to have a message. I learnt a lot about Corel, the impact of good background music, and Photoshop. It was really fun to edit people’s faces a crop them onto pictures.

Did I really challenge myself?

Yes, I did challenge myself, especially with Photoshop. When I was figuring out how to use Photoshop, it involved a lot of experimenting. Here is a experiment I tried (and actually worked) to Photoshop one of the pictures:

First I clicked the Lasso icon. Next I drew around the bit I wanted to go see-through to the background. Then I right-clicked that selected section, clicked Fill, entered Clear for the Mode, and for the Use I chose Background Colour. I pressed OK. It actually worked!


Did I amaze my audience as much as I could have?

I think I did amaze everyone as much as I could have in the amount of time we had to complete the project, but if I had more time, I would have made more of an animation, rather than separately putting in the pictures as I narrated the story, and used Adobe Premiere instead of Corel.


Here is my completed Digi AU film.





Digi AU Teaser

A large project you get less than 1 Term to finish, Photoshop, Corel, Paint, one of Aesop’s fables, and various students from 6C all smashed together to recreate the fable ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’. crow

This is the stage everything is finally coming together after all the hard work we have done earlier this term. You are either finishing the last touches on your Digi project … or rushing to complete it all on time.

Right now I am so close to finishing my Digi. I just need to add a few more things in order to get to the finished product.


Digi-AU Teaser. Your project should just about be completed by now! You will be presenting it in just over a week. Get us excited about your project by ‘teasing’ some information / images to us. Due date: Monday 21st November


Digi AU Update

capture-screenshotDigi-AU Update. You are over the half-way point now. Eek! How has your project changed since your proposal? What have you achieved so far? What have you found interesting… challenging… fun? Include an image (or screenshot) to show evidence of your learning. Due date: Monday 7th November

How my project has changed:

  • Instead of using Photoshop, I have been using Paint. But I am not sure that ou can insert multiple images in Paint, which is a step I need to do.

What have I achieved so far?

  • I now have lots of images (of people) to work with. But if people had sent them in earlier, I would be closer to completing this project.
  • I have started editing a few photos of people, to hopefully insert into Photoshop eventually.

What have I found interesting?

  • I have been looking for a tutorial that teaches you how to insert images in Photoshop. There aren’t any specific videos that teach you just that, so I have been watching tutorials that teach you the basic skills, but I haven’t learnt anything relevant to my project … yet.
  • The fact that I still can’t figure out Photoshop, even with the help of tutorials.

What have I found challenging?

  • Photoshop.
  • Finding the full version of ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’ to record a voice over in my film.
  • Getting people to send in their photos.

What have I found fun?

  • Some of the photos sent to me were really silly, and it is fun, but time-consuming, to edit them in Paint.


Zoo Film Reflection Post

We have recently completed a filmmaking project on a selected animal of the SOS10.

The step-by-step process of the planning stage:

  1. We selected an animal out of the SOS10. The SOS10 is a group of ten animals, all nearly extinct. The SOS10 includes the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, the Asian Elephant, the Philippines Crocodile, the Gorilla, the Tasmanian Devil, the Lion, the Helmeted Honeyeater, the Orangutan, the Baw Baw Frog, and the Australian Fur Seal. I ended up choosing the Tasmanian Devil. I chose this animal, because it is native to Australia. Australia has lost other of its native species, such as the Tasmanian Tiger, or the Thylacine. It cannot happen again to another beautiful creature.
  2. We researched about our animal, and found out why it is endangered.
  3. We then wrote our script using the facts we found while researching.


The production stage – Excursion to the Zoo:


What went well:

  • At the zoo we were able to attend a session with one of the Keepers. We were on time, though we had to rush, and even got to see some of the other animals.

What didn’t go to plan:

At the zoo everything ran fairly smoothly. It could have been better if we left each enclosure sooner, so we didn’t have to rush to meet the other groups for lunch, or see a Keeper explain a bit more about the animal they looked after.

Problems I encountered:

  • When we went to the Tasmanian Devil enclosure, we only saw the Devil go out of its log, and back in, as it is nocturnal.
  • I forgot my script, and I needed to do my PTC at the zoo.

How I solved the problems:

  • I got footage of the Tasmanian Devil from YouTube, and just credited them in the sources.
  • I wrote down some facts at home, and improvised a little from new things I learnt at the zoo.




  • I had forgotten how to use the Green Screen, so Mr. Henderson taught me how.
  • I found a Channel 10 News Report on the Tasmanian Devil, so it was really easy just to snip out the bits where they were talking, and to mute the background voice-over.


  • When I tried to insert the PTC, it was difficult to insert it in the spot where it fit into the film, but I found a solution by splitting one of the voice-overs.

Feedback from 5 peers:

I was absent for some of the sessions we were allowed to work on our films, and  also had to bring clothes to do my PTC in front of the Green Screen, because my PTC that I did at the zoo was deleted (so I got an extension for the due date). I emailed my film to Mr. Henderson, who gave me some feedback on my first draft. Here it is …


  1. Some of your images are incredibly brief, so they flash up on the screen for only a second. Try to smooth out some of these clips. Photos should be on screen for at least 3 seconds, otherwise things get a little jumpy.
  2. The final image is on screen for quite a long time. If you action the above step, this might minimise how long that final pic needs to be on camera.
  3. To smoothe the audio of your ‘Piece To Camera’ I recommend that you fade the PTC audio in and out. It will make your audio levels flow more smoothly.


Feedback from peers:

Here’s some feedback other students have given me about my film …

I like how you didn’t put in music because it really fit your idea and also the ending to your video hooked me in. -Georgina

I liked how you didn’t use music because then I can hear more of your voice over and really understand what you are saying about the devils. Your footage is really great and clear! I also love your P.T.C very clear and nice photo in the background, also love your facts as you made me care about the animal way more. -Jade


I really like your film and the way you speak nice and slowly for us to understand every single word that you said. I also feel so sorry for that animal and the way this animal is dying out and what could happen if we don’t stop now. 🙂 -Astrid


This is a stunning film and I really liked the pace that you spoke at because it gave us a calm feeling instead of getting stressed. The imagery also complemented the voice over well and not using confronting images was a smart move because now we get a subtle but strong impact instead of in your face and then forgotten. Really great job!-Bailey G

I really like your footage CC it suits the film, I like how you don’t have any music it suits the film – Phoebe


I really like your facts, they were very interesting. Your film makes you want to do something for the animal, and make you care for it. 🙂 Georgie


I really love your facts. It is also good how you didn’t add music it makes you concentrate on your voice over. It really made me care about the animal-Mia


I really liked your footage and I like that you didn’t add music because I don’t think your film needed it. Your P.T.C. was really good, l liked what you said during it.-Mary B.


The footage of the CUTE baby devils made you care about them and I know you didn’t get to finish properly but I think that your film was great and got your messgae across really well! – Emmaline





Digi AU #2 – Research Post

Digi-AU Research. Surely you will be doing some research for this project (if not, then it mustn’t be very challenging for you). Tell us what research you’ve been doing (reading, experimenting, watching YouTube tutorials etc). Due date: Monday 24th October

psFor my Digi AU, I have been watching tutorials on how to use the basics of Photoshop. Photoshop is pretty hard to figure out, and it is hard to find a tutorial that can tell me how to at least insert a couple images, and be able to erase some of the image, so I can layer them over each other. I might have to ask someone who knows how to use Photoshop if they can help teach me the basics.

As well as watching tutorials, I have been looking through a few Book Collections of Aesop’s Fables, to get some more ideas.

So far no one has replied to the email I sent to the class a week ago, when I was asking to see if anyone was interested to ‘be’ the characters, so, if you are interested please email me back.

Digi AU #1 – Proposal Post

For my Digi AU this term, I am going to make a film or animation based on, or a modernized version, of a fable, because Aesop’s Fables already have a really good message.

The fable I will be using is called ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’. I could also use the idea from Matthew’s Digi last term, to edit pictures, then make up a story to go with it. But instead of making up a story, I would read out the fable (on a voice-over). I was thinking I might be able to take pictures of someone, who would be the crow, and then, using Photoshop, edit/add on a crows beak or wings to make them look like a crow. the-crow-and-the-pitcher

Digi-AU Finale

This is a video in fast-motion of me editing an image.

Digi-AU Finale. Once you have presented to our class, upload your project (or part of your project) to a blog post and reflect on the learning you’ve experienced and the presentation you made to the class. Make sure you answer these questions: Did I really challenge myself? and, Did I amaze my audience as much as I could have? Due date: End of Week 10 (after you’ve presented to the class)


While creating my Digi, I have learnt a lot about Photo Editing, and PicMonkey. When I presented I used a PowerPoint to show my finished edited images, and how I got to the end product, as well as the effects I used.

Here is the PowerPoint.



When I presented my project to the class, it went for about 10 minutes. I loved presenting my Digi Project.

I think that I really did challenge myself, as Photo Candy didn’t work, even though I watched lots of tutorials as my research. So I had to find another Photo Editing app or program.

I think I amazed my audience, but if I did it again, to make it more effective, I would create a slideshow on Corel or Adobe Premiere, with all of the images I edited, and with some background music.

Overall I really enjoyed this project, and I have a cool idea for next Term. You’ll have to wait to find out more!



Geelong Promotional Film


We have just completed a big filmmaking project.


Here is the process we went through to get our finished product:


Firstly we received an email from our client, and were given our task – Geelong by kids; For kids.

Then came the research stage. We viewed films made by our client, to see what sort of format the film would be like.

Next we went into groups and brainstormed the locations that we would eventually visit to get the footage we needed to put into our film. The locations were decided. 6A would go to SupaTramp and Torquay, 6B would go to Leisurelink, and my class 6C would go to Eastern Beach.

We were put with a partner. After that we were put with four others, two from each class. The plan was for each group across all the three classes to share their footage of the location they visited.

Then we created a Shotlist, to help plan what sorts of shots we would use, what the action/point of interest in our shot would be, and how long each shot would go for.

So, an excursion was planned. At Eastern Beach our first point of interest was the Skate Park. Mr. Henderson would organize the ”actors”, and tell them what sort of thing to be doing, e.g. Skateboarding, and the actors would skate around while everyone took some footage.

When we got back from Eastern Beach, we ”dumped” our footage on our laptops. In the next Inquiry sessions we put our footage on our group USB, culled our unwanted footage, and converted drone and DSLR footage, so that it was able to be put into Corel.

Next, we began editing our films.

After we had competed our first draft, we got some feedback from others. We put our laptops on the tables with a special feedback sheet, and everyone would go around the Year 6 space and put either 1, 2, or 3 ticks, depending on how good your film was in each area. 3 ticks was ‘Excellent’, 2 ticks was ‘really good’, and 1 tick was ‘sort of’.

We then re-edited our films, implementing the feedback we got from our first draft.





Digi AU Teaser

Digi-AU Teaser. Your project should just about be completed by now! You will be presenting it in just over a weeks time. Get us excited about your project by ‘teasing’ some information / images to us. Due date: Monday 5th September


For my Digi AU Project this term, I have been editing photos with PicMonkey. Our projects must be ready to present in one week (Monday Week 10). At first I was going to use Photo Candy, but Photo Candy didn’t work. So then I decided to try PicMonkey, that we’d explored a little at school. I have been experimenting with the other effects and overlays, and it has turned out, that PicMonkey was capable of more things than I expected.

Here is one of my edited images!

How my idea has changed:

My original idea was to create a poster with all of my edited photos on it. Now I have just decided to put my best edited photos in a PowerPoint and explain the process I went through to get the finished product. I also might create a tutorial on PicMonkey, if I have enough time.


What I still need to do:

  • Edit some more photos (the more photos, the better)
  • Continue to work on my PowerPoint
  • Maybe create a video on Corel showing me editing an image
  • Prepare to present to the class




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