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Mountain Bike Track


The Passion Project I have chosen this term is to make a mountain bike track and creating the course itself. I have chosen this choice because I just always wanted to make a mountain bike track in my background, like who wouldn’t a Mountain bike track right outside there door. My Plan is to start at the house and cut through the yard and then it will cut back into the track further down the is the swerving through the tree’s on those curves were making it higher and steeper turn down along the track there are the jumps and lumps and then turn around along the top and end the course back at the house. The technology’s i’m going to use is the go pro and the phone. I’m addressing this to my class.I can’t wait to start my project especially the jumps it’s going to be a great and lot’s of fun in this Project. 

Here is a photo of what my plan is going to be roughly.


I have just paced out the whole length of the track so starting from the start through the yard it is 192 meters further along to the tree’s it is 121 metres. The in the tree course the laps are 70 meters each and there are 8 laps through the trees so times 70 by 8 and you get 560 meters. The down the longest part track it is 370 meters and for that track there are going to be a jump in every 20 meters that means that there are going to be 18 jumps down that track by the way the track is going to be made of dirt. Going up the hill is 119 metres. Then on the track back to the start is 221 meters and that also we are going put jumps in every 20 meters that means there are going to be 11 jumps on the track. All together the mountain bike track is 1785 meters long.

First Section

Today we have finished the first part which was the making the logs as showing the directions to the big turn here is a photo of the logs we used.


Not working i’ll put in when I can 

Here is a before and after photo of the ramp/big steep turn .




Photos and videos aren’t working.

There was a lot of trail and error which was great because every time it didn’t work we had adjusted it to make it better, and the end of the big steep turn the is a hump that you cruse over. Our next step is to do the tree course’s.

The machines we have used so far have been.



Not working

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