Lego WeDo

Lego WeDo

Dancing birds

Our groups’ aim was to build two birds dancing to Background Music.  Each member of our group had a different task. Lucas was picking out the pieces, Orlando was on Coding and I was constructing the birds. As I placed the motor on the body of the dancing birds, I also placed the birds on top of the Lego stick. Orlando clicked the go button and we were so happy to see the birds spin around with joy to the Music in the background. It reminded me of the birds chirping outside my window in the morning. We learnt that if everyone in the group works together and does their part the project will succeed.


Smart Spinner                                   


Our aim was to accomplish a smart spinner. Lucas, Orlando and I had struggled on this project, but we finished it in the end. In this project I was in Control of the of the ripper, Orlando was in charge of the spinner and Lucas was doing coding. As a team We had done our bits and had finished our jobs. Lucas had pressed go the spinner was incredibly slow, so we had adjusted some improvements to make it faster. I learnt that making improvements can make it a bit more interesting to look at.


Our Creation

(to things in one)

Our aim today was to choose our own project to complete. As we were able to finish the first two projects. For the final project we have decided to make two things In one The Kicker and The Goalkeeper. Orlando and Lucas are constructing The Kicker and I made the goalkeeper. As I placed the goalkeeper on the Lego stick I had completed my goalie now I am up to the coding as I pressed go the motor had started the Goalie had come to life ready to save an incredible goal. I scrunched up a piece of paper as A soccer ball and we turned on the kicker and the goalie had saved a spectacular goal. I learnt that, if everyone does there bit You will succeed quicker.


By Aidan Cummins

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