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Lego robotics EV3

Here are the parts we used to make our claw: On the top is the parts from the YouTube video and on the bottom is the parts that we collected from the brick room. Here is our robot claw working:… Continue Reading →


Here is a Hummingbird board: Blue is for the sensors Green is for the LED’s  Yellow is for Vibration motors Orange is for Gear and Servo motors Here is our Hummingbird board: Look on the diagram to see all our… Continue Reading →

How can I bring Australia to life?

The Idea Me and Abbey came up with the Idea of doing our project about ODDBALL, the famous movie set in Warrnambool along the coast of the Great Ocean Road. Our goal was to achieve a big diorama of Middle island where… Continue Reading →

My Instrument working

My musical instrument design

This is my design!

My musical instrument

This is the Code

My Musical Instrument

De bug it 2.5

De bug it 2.4

De bug it 2.3

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