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Beetle Blocks

Beetle Blocks In design we are doing 3-D Printing on a program called beetle blocks. Beetle Blocks is a lot like Turtle art, except it is 3D. In Turtle art, if you were to make a pentagon, you would use… Continue Reading →

Parts, purposes and complexities

At the very end of Term 3 we were asked to bring in an old piece of technology for design in Term 4. We were told that we were going to be taking this piece of technology apart so that… Continue Reading →

The Australian Islamic Museum.

On Friday the 13th , the year 5 students went on an excursion to the Islamic Museum of Australia, aka. IMA. There we learnt many things about the Islamic religion… I learnt that Jesus is a prophet and is not… Continue Reading →

Year 5 2019 school camp; the Grampians

On the 5th of August… The year 5’s left for school camp in Halls Gap, the Grampians. Camp was a huge success! Everyone had tones of fun. There were five different activities that we all got to participate in: High… Continue Reading →

The Resilience project

The Resilience Project Today in period two, the year fives and sixes went to a special presentation by a guy called Martin. Martin worked for THE RESILIENCE PROJECT and talked to us about empathy, mindfulness, happiness and being grateful. We… Continue Reading →

Toy Story 5 Cat and Dog

Toy Story 5 Me, Hanna and Lily decided to make a cat and a dog that hate each other. The idea was inspired from the funny duck and rabbit from Toy Story 4. Our Toys will use LEGO EV3 for… Continue Reading →

Surviving Sydney Cove

The First Fleet 1788 The ladies and children didn’t leave the boat for two weeks after they arrived. They sent the men out first to set up all the tents and clear the area because they didn’t think that the… Continue Reading →

A Banner Bold review

A Banner Bold – by Nadia Wheatley ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I rated ‘A Banner Bold’ 3 ½ out of 5 stars Pro’s I liked how she made links to the bad stuff that was going to happen earlier in the book, before… Continue Reading →

LEGO Robo Cup

LEGO ROBO CUP This term Caitlyn and I hve been working in a team for Robo cup. The challenge states that we have to code our robot to follow a line, using the colour sensors on either side of it…. Continue Reading →


Here is a screencast about how to code a turtle to detect colour on Microworlds:  

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