Turtle art

This session in design, we switched from doing Beetle Blocks to Turtle Art.

How are they different?

The first main difference is that Beetle Blocks is 3D, and Turtle Art is 2D. There are other differences, such as that turtle art uses a turtle, and beetle blocks uses a beetle. In turtle art, the code is set out differently, and the blocks have different names.

Recreating the polygon we made in Beetle Blocks.

Turtle art I find a little more difficult from Beetle Blocks, but the code is very similar. We need to use a repeat, so for my nonogon it would be repeat x9. Then, I need to add a move, which, on Turtle art is forward 20, as I did it. Then you add a right turn block. If you add a left turn it will go the other way. Then you need to type in the degrees of the turn. For a nonogon, I know that it will be 40, but you can also get a slash from the numbers section and write 360 divided by 9. Now, if I use the wand to start the program, it will make my nonogon.

Recreating a rotational design with the polygon

With this, it is the same as Beetle Blocks as well. You just need to have the code for your nonogon. Take it away from the yellow diamond and add a repeat, then join your code on the bottom of that. I did a repeat x9, so I will have 9 nonogons going around. Then, at the bottom of the repeat, you add a right turn, 360 divided by 9.

How can you change the pen size?

The pen size is quite easy to change. You go onto the pen blocks, select set pen size, and change the number.

How can you change the pen colour?

This is very similar to the pen size. You go onto the pen blocks, select set pen colour, then type in a number. 53 is a nice blue colour.

How can you create a different colour outline?

You go to set pen size, set it to a big size, like 10, then set the pen colour to the colour you like, and do the code for your polygon. Then, you change the pen size to smaller, like 3, set a different colour, and repeat your polygon.