The Idea

Me and Abbey came up with the Idea of doing our project about ODDBALL, the famous movie set in Warrnambool along the coast of the Great Ocean Road. Our goal was to achieve a big diorama of Middle island where most of the movie was filmed. Oddball is about a dog who protects an island of penguins from foxes that have been killing them.  

The Design

This is a picture my design with all the information on it (We are not including the rabbit, snake or koala).

The Process

Above is a photo of us decorating the box. We got some natural materials from Enviro as well as a rock to act as middle island.

This is the box with the rock in it before we added the ocean. Around it you can see lots of little pebbles, bark, twigs and leaves that we picke up from Enviro.

This is our box now with some of the ocean added. The ocean is made from ripped up bits of blue paper that we found in the recycling bin. On top of the rock/Middle island you can see two fuzzy shapes – These are the foil penguins we made to control the scratch project. They are foil because it conducts electricity.

This is another view of the box with the ocean. The penguins aren’t in this photo.

This is a picture of the coding. It’s a bit fuzzy so you can watch the screencast instead.

Below is a screencast of how the code works: