#Complete iProject

Hey Guys.

Did your product turn out the way you had intended?

The final product is almost as good as I thought it would be from the starting idea at the start of the term.

What do you feel you have done well?

I feel like the main thing that we did well was being organized on what the dates where that we would film, and we did it early on in the term so we could have more time to edit.

What do you think you could have improved on?

We could improve on our timing of the music in the editing stage so that the beat drop or something like that happens when something cool or funny happens in the footage.

What did you learn through this process?

I learnt more about documenting our process or journey in making the film and how it works, I also learnt that with multiple people trying to film it is hard to get organized and you have to be prepared for when it suits the other person to film.

What do you need to do better next time?

I think that the angles in the flips some times our heads get cut off so I think that it is a better film with a camera man, luckily enough Harry’s brother Jack wanted to help us film it and in the forfeits it worked a lot better.

I would show you guys a copy of the film but I don’t exactly have it on my computer, so hopefully I will get to show it to you soon

#feedback iProject

Hey Guys,

C3B4ME … what do other people think of what you have done for your project?

Most of my peers really liked the film that we had created and at some points they were laughing pretty hard. They liked that we put some songs in and little sound effects,  cool little effects of splitting the clips.

What did you do to improve your project based on this feedback?

The film was quite long so most of the feedback that I got was to make the videos shorter by cutting the clips down to only what we needed. Some other people said that we had to add some music in some spots where there were none.

#Editing Iproject

Hey Guys,

to day I will be telling you about the editing stage of my Iproject. Harry has done most of the editing on his computer so there might me some things that I am not sure of.

What editing techniques did you employ and why?

In this film it is going to be  the footage with some music in  the background and when something special happens the music changes or the sound effect changes.

What editing software/app did you use?

To edit this film Harry and I used Corel

Did you try something new? If so, what?

As I said before Harry has done the editing so I haven’t really, but when we have had some time in class I have tried a different font, because when there is text in my videos usually I use the same font, but I did some thing new this time

Did you learn anything new about editing?

In the editing stage the only new thing that I found out about Corel is how to change the font size.

Subjects Week 8B

Hey Guys,

In inquiry Campbell and I have been working on our film about the rules of the gym, we had to finish inserting all of the footage into Corel and we added some music in the background. We rendered the film and started to get some feedback from Alex, Gus, Noah, Henry and Spencer, they all said that they really liked it so we showed it to Mr. Henderson and he gave us some feedback to add some voice overs. Then with the footage that didn’t have any piece to cameras we added some voice overs. then we got some more feedback from some more of my peers. Then we were able to submit it onto the K-drive.

In maths we have a new project called my life in numbers it is where we have to get a number that is associated with us, so some thing like days until our birthday, so for example just say it would be 7 days until our birthday we would have to make a numerical equation for our peers to figure out that would equal that magic number of 7 for example we would (34-21)-2×3=7. We can make them as simple or as hard as we want. The one that I have been working on is what number what I were when I play cricket.

Image result for head with numbers around it

In writing  I have worked on a piece about a thunder storm from a perspective of a bot in bed trying to sleep and the thunder and lightning, it is a short story. I haven’t given the story a title yet because I don’t know what to call it. The first time I wrote it Angus, Spencer and Camilla looked at it and it was hard to read because there was a lot of scribbling out because of the word changes that I was making when I was editing the piece. so I rewrote it so people could read it and they could understand the words on the page.

Learning Post Week 7A

Hey Guys,

In Inquiry I have been doing all of the production stage in our personal project. I am doing this with Campbell, we did all of it on Tuesday we did some during Period 1 and the last bit in lunchtime, we got Mr. Torpey to be in our film, we were originally going to have it with mr. Robbins but he went off to Year 8 camp. Mr. Torpey was very helpful. Then we got straight into the post-production stage, which includes editing, dumping footage and getting feedback from some of our peers. Campbell is doing the editing on his computer but I can help in any way.

In Maths we have started a new project in Project Maths. We have to demolish all of our backyard and redo with what ever we want to. The only issue is that we have a $10000 budget, so we can’t go and spend all of our money on a pool or some thing like that. I am doing my house in Melbourne because my backyard down here is very small and I think that all of things that I want to get is hard to fit in. I think that I am spending my money on some very unnecessary things. We go onto websites on the internet to find out how much they are.

In writing I finished publishing the piece about the trapped gorilla and updated the published pieces document and I am getting closer to getting more pieces published for my writers gift. I also put another piece in the tray for the teachers to read. Miss Torney said straight away to publish the piece. The piece is about the difference between water and fire, so I did a water drop that is half blue to represent water and half red to represent fire.

Image result for water and fire


Subjects Post Week 6B

Hey Guys,

This week has been highly interrupted by a lot of things the main problem has been swimming, so there isn’t much that I can tell you about but here is a little of what I have done this week

In Inquiry I have Nick has decided to leave our group an ddo his project with someone else but I think that Campbell and I are more that capable of doing this project by our selves, Campbell was away in session that we worked on our shot lists and he had the start of the shot list on his computer so that was a little hard to work around but I decided why wait for someone else when you can finish it off, so that is what I did, I finished the shot list it has got a variety of different shots and audio, and I think that the film will be very funny and entertaining for people to watch, and it will hopefully help the PE department if it is good they will not have to explain the rules to every single new student next year they can just show them the video and then the new kids will know some of the rules.

In Maths this week I went to the extension session in Maths Groups and in the guru session I learnt a lot about finding the perimeter in shapes other than squares and rectangles, and we also had to do a work sheet we had minimal information and we had to find the perimeter, I was working with Matthew, Campbell and Angus and they were all very helpful and I learnt alt in that session.

In Writing I have drafted a new piece an conferenced with the new system that we have this is what we had to do, we have to show 3 peers and get some of their feedback, then we have to put it into a tray and then we have a conference with one of the teachers that are in the room at the time, and then if they say it is good then you can start to publish that piece and make it look good. The piece that I have written is inspired by a photo of a gorilla in a cage that Mr. Wade showed to us, and we had to write a piece about this gorilla, and I wrote a poem. I showed to some of my peers and they all liked it, so I showed it to Miss. Torney and she really liked it and said that I could publish the piece, I started the piece with an idea of have a picture of a gorilla behind some paper and the paper will be in the shape of a cage, and I will have the around the cage. here is the picture of the gorilla.


Image result for angry gorilla


Iproject #production

Hey Guys,

Today I will be telling you about the third stage of the process of the iproject the production stage. Here are some of the questions and answers that what happened during the filming.

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

One of the biggest successes for our group was that we got every single bottle flip that we attempted but we haven’t been able to film the forfeits, but I think that we will do that this weekend or soon and that will give us a little time to edit

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

The main problem that we had was that we didn’t really know that we were doing the filming on the weekend thatn we were doing it, we only decided that the filming would be done then, so we didn’t have a camera or a tripod. another problem that we had was that Mother nature decided to be bad and it rained so we had to change the filming location to inside.

How did you overcome the challenges?

The problem about the camera  re resolved by using by I pad, then that run out of space and then we had to use my mums phone.

Image result for ipad filming

Subjects Post Week 5A

Hey Guys,

This week in inquiry we shared all of zoo films with the rest of our peers and we had to give each other positive feedback and say what we liked. Then we got introduced to a new project called Personal Project, it is where we get into a group and make a film about something that would help the Geelong College community, so I have teamed up with Campbell and Nick. We wanted to help out the PE department in some way, so we went to the PE department and asked them if they need a video to help them in any way, and they didn’t really have any ideas so we made our own. So we are going to make a film about the rules of the gym, we have got a few ideas on what we are going to put together.

In Maths this week I have been to Mrs. Stafford guru clinic and at that I learnt about area and space, I learnt that the area of a shape is the length of the shape times the width of the shape, so for example a shape that had an edge that was 6cm and the width of the shape was 5cm, which is 30cm2( The 2 is meant to be smaller, because it means squared and this computer doesn’t have a squared button) so the is 30 cm squared, and you have to put the squared in there.

In writing I have written a piece about the difference between water and fire, I have kind of done it in a poem sort of way, I also got the piece about the feeling published and up on the wall. I put it so the text was glued onto a piece of paper that had a picture of the premiership cup on it. I also went to Mr. Panckridge’s guru session in masterclass and it was very inspirational getting some writing tips from a published author and he gave me some great ideas and topics to write about, I will put some images of his books below.

Image result for michael panckridgeImage result for michael panckridgeImage result for michael panckridgeImage result for michael panckridge


Zoo Conservation Film Blog Post

Hey Guys

Today I will be telling you about the journey that I went making my zoo conservation film that I have made on the lion.

The first stage was doing the planning stage, this included making the choice of which animal we were going to do for this film, I chose the lion. Then the next stage was doing some researching on the internet to try and find some interesting facts about why the animal is critically endangered and become extinct, and  also why they are such an awesome animal and what some interesting fact are about the animal are, and we had to start to write a script that would be voice overs in our films, the script had to have facts and we also had the try and make it so that the reader would be made to care about our animal .

Then in week 2 the whole of year 6 went to the zoo to get some footage of our animal and take some cool photos and videos of our animals in their enclosures. There were some difficulties that  I had to work around, the main one being that the lions were asleep for most of the time that we were at the zoo so it was a bit  hard to get some good quality images and videos of the lions walking around. And also I didn’t have much charge on my camera so I had to be extra carful with what I got shots of.

The next stage was the editing stage where we had to get all of the footage off the cameras and onto our computers, then we had to start culling our footage, which means deleting all of the footage that isn’t gold and that we weren’t going to use in our film, then we had to start sharing the footage with the rest of the people in our animal group, but out of 3 classes there was only 4 people that did the lion, but we were very lucky because Emma had some footage of lions when she went on a trip overseas, and that footage was so good. then we had to start putting all of the footage into corel. After we had finished that we had to record the voice overs, these were us reading our scripts into a microphone and having them in the background of our videos and images. In this stage we had to try and find some music that suited our film, to go in the background of the images, videos and the voice overs. Next we had to get some constructive feedback from our peers on what we could improve in our film, the main thing for me was to turn down the music because the audience couldn’t hear my voice. so I did that and I got some more feedback from 3 other people so say that it was a good film, then I was basically done with the editing stage.

the last stage is the feedback stage, where we went around and looked at other peoples videos and gave them positive feedback about the film, here is the feedback that I received,

The song to the video fits the words that you say and the pictures. -Georgina

The music is really fitting to your message, just turn it down so your voice-over is more clear. The Screen Capture is a really good idea. Well done! – Cecilia

I like the music choice and your facts are really good. Gus H

I love the music.  it really good and it made me feel for the animal-Alex.w

I love the music and how you showed the act wild web page i like it-Noah:)

I like the music it really fits with the video and you made me sad that lions are going extinct-Reuben

Your film made me care about the lion, and the facts you used were all brilliant. You have connected me to this fascinating creature, and I personally want to act on it. The music was awesome. Well done!

I love the facts, They really made me care about the lion. I also like your choice of music1 – Rory

Your film made me really care about your animal-Sergej

Great music choice, good footage, good audio quality and good facts.-Matthew

The music was very good and set the mood well, the facts were also very interesting. -Emily

You were really emotive with the language you used and i liked how you connected it saying the lion is not just in Africa, also India. The music fits really well and the imagery was stunning.-Bailey G

I like the message you used it was really strong. The music put more emotion into the film and really helped. Harry

There was all of the feedback tha I got from my peers and I think that they all liked the film, and I also hope that all of you like the film that I have been working extremely hard on.



Learning post Week 4B

Hey Guys

This week in inquiry I have had some very helpful comments on my zoo film about the lion, on Tuesday we had a feedback session we  had to watch each others films a put on a piece of paper what we liked it and things that the filmmaker could improve and make better, all the comments on my sheet was to turn down the music because they couldn’t hear the voiceovers in the background, so I did that, and then I re-rendered the film so it was a good quality, then I shwed it to some of my peers and they really liked, and said that I could submit the film.

In maths this week we had our post test on angles unit that we were doing during Maths groups, this week there wasn’t any guru sessions because the teachers let us finish off our projects where we got an image off the internet and mark down all of the angles, what type of angle they were and what degrees was the angle, so for example it could of been an obtuse angle at 154 degrees, od an acute angle at 39 degrees. The images I chose to do was an image of the union jack and also an image with lines all over the place but they were crossing over eachother so there was lots of different angle in the image. The results that I got from the test was 100%.

Image result

In writing this week I feel like I have been a very productive writer, during my conference I got to conference 3 different pieces. They were the 2nd piece about what the players would of felt when the won the grand final, I also conference a short little descriptive story about footy, and lastly I also conference a poem that I wrote about cricket. In my conference I got all positive feedback about the cricket story and Miss Torney said that I could publish the piece, so in the master class time that’s what I did, I put the text onto  a round piece of red paper that looked like a cricket ball. Next I will plan on publishing the piece about the grand final.