digi teaser

have you ever wanted to see a basketball go on a adventure all around geelong? have you ever wanted to see some awesome trick shots? have you ever wanted to watch the best video ever made EVER? well then you should probably watch my digi (when you can)  

digi update

so far my digi idea hasn’t changed at all since term 3 and i have already started filming. but I’m not completely done with the production stage yet i need to film my intro and it will be a lot harder than last time because I need to go to different locations to film and the shots […]

zoo film

planning to first start off the project we had to pick an animal from the sos 10. I picked the tassie devil because i knew a lot about them. then we started to research the animal to get cool facts to write our script. then it was time to write our script using the facts we […]

digi research

for my digi i am doing a trick shots video (again) but this time better. for my research i have learnt how to use adobe premiere and watched some more trick shots videos and i think i can do heaps better than i did last time. i have also been practicing my basket ball shots […]

digi term 4 proposal post

You might know that I did a trick shot video last term for my last digi but i wasn’t happy with my trick shots so i am going to redo my same digi again but with my intro going all around geelong and have better trick shots from further out. it will challenge me because […]

digi finalie

i have shared my digi  everybody seemed to like it feed back “it was amazing i loved it” “i liked your intro” film (below) i think i did really well and i might do the same thing again next term but make the shots better and make an even cooler intro because people liked it. […]

promo film reflection

in year 6 we are making promotional films for Geelong (for a real client!!!) This is my film to make the film i went through this process step 1 Mrs Stafford got an email from Geelong tourism saying that they wanted us to make a film step 2 we got in to groups and brain […]

Italian culture

hi my name is Antonio and i’m from Italy to talk to you about my culture and comparing it to yours Foods in Italy we eat pasta, spag bol, pizza, lasagna and many other things in Australia they eat  foods from all cultures (i do as well) but they dont have their own cuisine the […]

digi teaser

once upon a time there was a boy who got given a digi project he had almost went through all the ideas possible but none of them were good ones the boy finally had one good idea he was watching youtube and stumbled across a trickshot film then he thought that he could do that […]