May 28

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette- Netiquette means having good behaviour on the internet and correct use of online sources.

Flaming/Flame wars- When people have an argument over something on the internet.

Trolls- People who deliberately try and cause trouble and havoc on the internet.

Anonymous- Someone who cant be identified [ example: pretending to be someone else]

Communicating clearly- using Emojis, Caps lock and Grammar.

Permission- Make sure that you have the permission from their parents or the person the photo is of.

Once the message is on the internet you cant take it back.


May 23


Today we learned about Digital Citizenship and what it means to be a digital citizen. We learnt how to think, T H I N K is the acronym we focused on so what does each letter mean?

T- Is it true is what your posting true and will it hurt the person its aimed at?

H- Is it helpful and will help someone if they need some help and is it hurtful?

I- Is it inspiring and will someone if their down look for inspiration and look up to be like them.

N- Is it necessary think, is this a meaningless post, photo or comment necessary?

K- Is it kind will someone feel good about it or will they feel hurt and upset?

So THINK before you post.