November 6

Fays Nines Reflection

Our recent project in project maths has been Fays Nines. Our task was to find all the possible answers leading up to 180. We were aloud to use the digits between 1-9 to create an answer that adds up to 999.

When we started with this problem I thought it would be very similar to magic squares but it turned out to be different In many ways and I got a bit confused because I didn’t know where to start.

I noticed that if you got 19 in the units Colum, 18 in the tens and 8 in the hundreds Colum you would get an answer but you had to carry the 1 in order for this to work.

I broke this problem into manageable parts by finding lots of combinations for each part then putting them together to make a correct answer.

I found a way to get the most possible answers by having 3 original numbers then shuffling them around to make a lot of unique solutions and find the goal of 180 answers.

The most challenging part of the question was probably getting started and not knowing where to start anther challenging thing was learning how to carry numbers but when I had help from friends it became a lot easier to understand and that’s when the light bulb clicked

This was my first 2 lessons and my findings.