September 19


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do? Yes I did and a bit more.

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? One of challenges I faced was finding quite a bit of time to take high quality pics and in my opinion quality is better than quantity.

How did you overcome the challenges? I started to knuckle down and get it done even if I was busy

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project? I think that I could travel to a wider verity of locations.

September 6


The country I have been studying has been the USA and here is what I have learnt…

Some of the differences are how they say hello and the greetings and how they speak and there accents are pretty different especially in the southern states. The other thing that’s different are there sports like baseball, NFL and Ice hockey are sports that not many countries play.

some of the similarities are the food like burgers and pizzas are a treat same as Australia and many other Western country’s. We build our houses similar and our clothing and business attire are very similar and general clothing are starting to look and be nearly the same especially as teenage kids.

I think I would find the schooling really interesting because of the high level sport programs and I like the style and fashion and how big the sports stores are there like 6 stories high and being amongst the culture and being with everyone and learning about what they do in every day life.