June 8

Win at The Fair

Lesson 1

  The unit the we have just finished was Win at The Fair our main goal was to Win but at first we thought that we were playing the games but that wasn’t the case we were the people running the game and that little bit of info changed a lot. After we had that info our game boards changed dramatically people started adding portals and rivers which everyone had a lot of fun with but as we got to the digital testing you weren’t aloud to have them because it wasn’t within the program of the game


These are the stats and the game board that we started with we lost $187.40 and we played 149 games so we weren’t very successful. When we started to check our game boards on Maths 300 the results weren’t much better we played 1000 games and each game costs $1 so the income was $1000. Our game boards gave out much more on my first game board had an average payout of $3.50 which was pretty bad our goal was to make $300+ so that means our average payout would have to be at least 70c or under.

Lesson 2\3

These photos are the most successful game board that I created over lesson 2 and 3 we tried to create the best game board we could find but it had to make money and it had to be enticing. On the game board above I made $340.40 my average payout was 66c and I was really happy with my outcome. One of my strategies was to have a big jackpot to try and lour customers but if they wo the jackpot I was in trouble so I had less arrows going upwards so there was less chance of the jackpot being won and I had smaller prizes of to the sides so I can make some prophets.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 was just about finalizing your game boards and trying to make improvements we also spent the lesson taking screen snips of our progress we also had a class decoction and recapped the unit that we had just finished.


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