November 11



Last week we were pulling apart different electrical equipment we brought from home. I brought in a computer and pulled it apart with some friends. The hard part was getting all the motherboards out safely without breaking or snapping but getting to them was even harder again because all the screws were different sizes and that means finding all the little, tiny and big screwdrivers. I found getting the screens of because I learnt that there are a whole but of layers so that the screen can’t work. With all our pulled apart equipment, we are going to try and build something out of it.

Yesterday we started pulling apart a camera which was interesting because of the piece of equipment that did all the recording that the lens transmits to it. It was also a little bit annoying because of all the tiny screws and it took us the whole lesson to not even finish getting them out. We are really exited to start making our project.


Today in tinkering we were attempting to dislodge a camera lens from the camera but we are still not sure what to make with all the stuff we have pulled apart. we have decided to make a 3D printed controller and link it up with the makey makey and the computer and use the controller to play games

We are going to make an arcade game out of card board the 3d printed controller has done printing and now we are putting all the parts together

We have finally finished our arcade game and it works really well we can play almost any game on the internet. The computer was the console and screen a 3D printed controller as our controller and we cut a square in a card board box to hold the computer.


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