August 27

Term 3 Robotics

This week we have been focusing on using the colour sensor to follow a black line. There have been different challenges like just a straight line, oval and a maze sort of thing I have found it hard because I wasn’t here the first session and I got a bit lost and confused but at least I have learnt from that and I cant wait for the session.

Yesterday I started working on a challenge which is following the black line and then when the touch sensor touches something it stops then comes back to were it started from but I have not finished the program that works yet so hopefully I can get it working next session.

I finished the touch and come back challenge and now I’m onto the challenge mats which I think is the hardest because when the robot gets to the big turns it still does the tiny little turns and fell off the board so its still a work in progress and I think im really close to getting it.

On Friday we worked with the spheros on how to drive and program them they are very similar to scratch and EV3 robots so I got the hang of it pretty quickly. There are 3 different settings drive, draw and program we had a go at all of them but mostly programing. We were set challenges on how to make the sphero go around different shapes and patens as the shapes got more complicated it got a lot more difficult.

last session I completed all the challenge mats and now I’m onto the mars rover board here is a screen snip of my program for my challenge mats. you may have noticed but most of the line following programs are the same.


August 1


last week we started having a go at a programing system called scratch. here is a screen cast that I made about scratch

2 weeks ago we did a challenge called ‘’de-bug it’’ the aim of the challenge is that you have to try and fix the faulted programs that the scratch team had left us. As you went on it got harder because the programs started to use blocks that you haven’t seen before and I found it hard because sometimes the answer was so obvious I couldn’t see it.

we continued to do debug it but a more advanced and a lot more difficult here’s some screen snips of what we did

incorrect         correct

this is what the program should do (: