June 13

The Blackwater

The Blackwater

A few weeks ago we finished one of our class novels called the Blackwater. The book is about 2 cousins trying to cover up an accidental murder that the older cousin, Brodie committed the younger cousin Alex tried to cover up the story about Brodie pulley on Paulines leg and Otis pulley her the other way since they were on a big rock in the middle of the thrashing river if Otis won they would fall backwards into the river which happened and at the end he ended up telling about what happened.

Everyone thought Otis was still alive but he wasn’t they found his body at the bottom of the Blackwater and I still thought he was alive before that happened. I really enjoyed this book and I hope there is a sequel coming soon.


June 1

Year 5 Allegro Day

Year 5 Allegro Concert

Monday was so fun because we were playing our Allegro instruments all day and at the end we had a really fun concert to showcase what we have been learning. I play the saxophone and I really enjoy playing it the three songs my group did was Allegro Conbrio, Go Go Allegro and Swing low. I had a solo in swing low by improvising, I think everyone really enjoyed Monday and I hope we can do something like it again.