May 31

Micro Worlds

Micro worlds blog

Last Thursday we did micro worlds, we were set a challenge to write our own initials by using our knowledge about programming to succeed. I found it a bit challenging at first but then I got the hang of, I was just lucky I don’t need to program letters with curves in them because with curved letters you need to do not such a big turn radios but just a small one. For me I only had to do a W and an I, personally I found the W harder because of all the different degrease of turn.


A few days ago was Micro Worlds day and we were focusing on setpos which means set position. So what we had to do was we had to type in setpos then the coordinates and the turtle will move there and then start the procedure. Our challenge was to use the setpos to get to for different corners of the screen and draw a shape.


May 22


Robot blog

Last Friday we all made EV3 robots in groups of 3, I was in a group with Charlie and Olivia. Our group finished building pretty quickly so we got to add a few things like extra pieces to make it look cool, we learnt how to turn the robot on and off and to put it on charge and of course we had the lego instructions to guide us through the build. Recently we learnt how to code robots in a simple but specific ways. At the start of the session, we learnt that if you use something like move forward 10 steps the robots would just stay where they are because your not being specific enough, so you have to use language like elevate right leg 90 degrease lower leg 90 degrease and so on but then we had to learn how to put that into code. It would look this el lg 90 lw lg 90.

I think a Lot of peoples knowledge of robots and programing got a lot a lot bigger, next lesson I hope that we start giving our robots commands and making them move I really loved the session and it was really fun and exiting.

On Friday for robotics we started programing our robots to move around and do tasks. We were set challenges that we had to complete but before we did that we were able to just have a play with them. At the start our robots weren’t moving because they were plugged into the wrong engines. One of the tasks was to get a robot bot to go up and down a race track, I did not finish that task because we weren’t given much time before the bell went.

This is a part of my program for the up and back race. The fist little icon is an arrow that determines how straight the robot goes. In the top right hand corner is the selection of engines, the reason why our robot did not move at the start is because we had the wrong engines selected so it’s really important that you check your engines. The circle icon is the degrees of turn so if you did not want the robot to continuously go in an ark you would make the robot go forward and then it would turn.

We were given time to finish the three way up and back challenge which I finished and now I’m onto the baseball challenge which is a challenge that there are four bases all equally spread on the floor so basically we had to make the robot go in a square which I had trouble doing. Here is a short vid of the robot trying to go in a square

oops wrong way.

Today the ELC4 kids came to look at our robots we all had a lot of fun teaching them how to program and use the sphero’s. but most of the second session was about using colour sensors.

The colour sensor is used for when you hit a colour to do a certain thing. There is a little block that is in control of the colour that the sensor detects the colour and if you did not have every set up properly because if it was set on the colour green and you want the robot to do something on red you need to check what the settings are set to.

On Tuesday I did a little bit of the sensors on our robot I did the touch sensor and I did not do the ultrasonic sensor because I was finishing off building the mars rover board that consisted of a rocket launcher, a ramp that releases the rover, 2 stranded astronauts that you have to get back to the base, a satellite and satellite dish. And all of this was made out of Lego in 1 hour and it wasn’t easy here are some of the pics that I took before we started and after we started building.

I have now done the ultra sonic sensor our challenge was to get the robot to move until its ten centimetres then turn and go back to the start.

so far today I have finished off doing the satellite dish challenge and I’m onto the meteorite collecting but first I need to build an attachment that I’m working on that snaps down on the meteor and the robot drags it back to the base then I attach a different another attachment and do the rover challenge.