March 31

Building model wooden cars with Anatoli


Last week all the year 5 classes built little wooden cars in the vacant year 6 space. [We did the same thing in year 2 if you were not here then.] Before we started making the car’s we chose the model and brand. I chose Alfa Romeo, then we out lined the model onto a piece of thin wood with a pencil. Let’s get our safety goggles on and get started. We all got a handsaw and started cutting the wood to look like our model. Anatoli put the wheels and the gearboxes on. On top of the lockers there was a free parking area that most of us parked in. if we had finished our cars we were able to make a driver of our choice I chose the F1 driver. We got to decorate the little drivers and nail them to the top of our cars. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope we get to do something like it again.

yesterday we did our testing on witch surface our car worked on the best. my car went the furthest on the tennis court because there was more room and no interruptions to stop the car from rolling and the tennis court helps because it doesn’t have as much grip as the other surfaces.  the other surfaces are carpet and grass. here is my distances for my different surfaces



March 28

Our Don Bradman

This book is about a young boy called victor Mcdonald and his experiences. He is really into cricket and his idol is the great Don Bradman,

This book was written at the time of the great depression and the bodyline test series between England and Australia. England’s fast bowlers started to bowl fast short pitched balls that they aimed at the batsman’s body witch really set the Australians off.

Victor and his family recently moved from Stockton to Sydney because his dad couldn’t find work. Before they moved his family was renting a house right by the beach, his dad was worried that he would lose his job like many Australians and soon after, he did. They had to sell many of their possessions and even their mums prized piano to buy the train tickets to Sydney to live with Aunty May, Uncle Jim and grandma.

When they moved Victor went to crown street primary and played cricket for the school team shortly after he was selected for a training camp at the Sydney cricket ground. Victor really liked the camp and was disappointed when it was over.

Uncle Jim was a member of the new guard who tried too over throw Mr Lang who was the NSW prime minister at the time, the new guard failed to get Mr Lang out of office. The main reason he didn’t continue being PM of NSW was he owed a lot of money to the British government that he didn’t pay back.

Around about the middle of the book, Victor started to have a crush on a girl that goes to school over the fence from his school and he saw her at church, her name was Wanda. Victor sister Kate is quite good friends with Wanda.

Victor’s best friends are Ken and Jim, they go fishing, playing cricket in the back lane and go to school together. At the cricket camp, he met Don Bradman and the Don complemented Victor on his bating style. Towards the end of the book Victor moved up into high school, soon after he got picked for the first 11 at his new school. Victor was the youngest in the team but in the first match he top scored with around 85 runs not out.

Victor finally decided what he wanted to be when he grew up and that is a journalist.

I hope you enjoyed my book review and I hope you want to read it.

Our Don Bradman : The Diary of Victor McDonald, Sydney, 1932 : My Australian Story - Peter Allen


March 21

Just a dog reflection

We have just finished one of our class novels. It has been a really interesting book that I would recommend it to anyone of all ages. This book has a lot of themes that you might relate to, sadness, happiness, loss and excitement. if your looking for the book here is a photo on what it looks like

Image result for just a dog

the story is about a young boy called cory and his big dog Mr Moesley. They have many adventures and story’s some good some bad.

One of their adventures was when Mr Moesly got lost for 2 weeks but I wont spoil it for you, so you should go read the book and find out what happens to Mr Moesly. Again I think this a great book full of emotion and you might even connect to the story in your own way.

Every day when I come to school I think ‘’I can’t wait to read just a dog.’’

in my opinion Mr Moesley was the glue that held the family together after so many fights among each other.

so stop reading this blog and go get the book either from your closest library or go buy it at your local book store.

March 16


in year 5 we have played many maths games encluding a game called Addo. Addo is about finding the most affective board of numbers, as you can see at the top certain boards have a much higher chance of winning than others. some numbers are more common than others in certain spaces. The idea of the game is to find the best game board that wins 100% of the time. Numbers that are more in the middle have more combinations than others like to get 1 you could only draw a 0 and a 1 as for ten you can have sevrel combinations.