February 26

Just a dog

In 5A we have been reading a book called Just a dog its a really funny book and most kids our age would really love it

so far in the book we have read about the main characters such as Corey the oldest kid, Mr mosley the dog and he was picked out by Corey and they called him Mr moesly because Corey was little when he chose him so he couldent say many words and he was moestly white so Corey said I want the mosley white one another one of the mane characters is mum, dad, uncle gavin and Amelia. the most recent part of the storey was when mr moeleys gum got hooked on a fishing line but I wont spoil it it has

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February 24

Roller Coaster

Session 1

Today in design we started to draw our plan for our new project ROLLER COASTES it is really exiting because I had so much fun with the Marble rollers  and I have high hopes for this project. The aim of this task is to make a sucsseful Roller Coaster.

Session 6

l have been away for the past 4 design sessions (l was busy surfing Noosa point) but I am back for our 6th session!  Today we did our design for what our groups roller coaster would look like, as you can see below.

The roller coaster is supported by connects and the coaster itself is made up of pipes and other materials.  Everything is held together by cable ties which are connected to both the roller coaster and the connects.

Our roller coaster turned out a bit different than our design, instead of the rollercoaster continually going down, it had ups and downs and was more horizontal. Here is a picture of our first attempt.

I see why ‘Dreamworld’ hasn’t given us a job yet but we’re working on it. Here is a short vid were you can see our first failure…

I’m glad  no one was on board.

I hope in our next session we have just as much success as our ‘Marble Run’ and we have more success and improvement on our design!😉

Disclaimer: no marbles were harmed in the making of this video.

Session 7

today we have perfected our Roller coaster and making some slight tweaks to improve its likely hood of getting to the drop zone. we also did our design to look exactly like our roller coaster itself here is a pic of my design

the metal tube at the very top of the r/c is the starting point were the marble starts its jorney to the end of the coaster. The pipe helps to build momentum and create friction so that the marble doesen’t have trouble getting up and over the loop and into the plastic see through tube that leads to the drop zone. . Here is a short Video explaning our roller coaster.

We have been working really hard to perfect the loop, because our loop is made out of a hot wheels track it is really hard to get over. As a result, we have been working hard on it because it’s the hardest bit of the Roller Coaster for the marble to take on.

we are now moving on to putting a cork screw on the end see you session 8

Session 8


To complete our roller coaster project we need to join with another group, but so far we are having trouble finding another group that is compatible with our r/c because ours has hot wheels tracks and the other coasters don’t, the hardest part of joining with another group is being able to find a track that fits with ours. As I said at the end of session 7s blog post my group was going to work on a corkscrew… we did, and its pretty cool here is a few pictures of the corkscrew in progress.

then we added some connects and cable ties to hold it together

the good thing is that it works most of the time, look at this video to see more

I’ll see you in session 8 part 2

Today in design my group finally joined to another group and it works nearly every time. The other groups roller coaster joins to ours by one of their see through bits of tubing and we connect ours by a long metal tube. Here is a photo of our joined roller coaster.


Its still in progress but were working on it. We tried our luck with two cork screws but it just wasn’t happening. in the end my group said it’s too hard to get enough speed for both of the cork screws, so we showed the teachers our roller coaster with one cork screw and they said it was fine to join with another group, so we did, we had been planning ahead with the other group so we knew how to connect really quick so here is a video of it nearly working.

Session 9


Today was our last session on our roller coasters, it was very fun, exiting and a little bit tense for time but we did it. We were focusing on completing a stopper (made out of connects), to successfully catch the marble at the end. For our roller coaster, the small marble travels through the tube then it goes onto the hot wheels track and finishes at the stopper. Well that was the plan, but did it work?

I am happy to say that Friday was really successful and I’m glad that we got a lot done.






February 24

Cereal Box Marble Run


today in design we started building our marble runs. we had to do a detailed design before we started building here is a photo of my design:

  Session:2      you just saw my design for my marble run but my marble run looks a tiny bit different:i have to admit it diden’t go very well so I did another design and it was a lot better and sucsesful seeing that we only had 30 centurmeters of tape, a pair of  scissors and a cereal boxgo ahead and watch my video

it only worked some of the time and my marble run went for 3 seconds and now here is a photo of my 2nd designas you can see its more detailed than my last design the aim is to make it as slow as possible so I tried to make it only just steap enough to only just make it so that it would only just roll down the ramps

it was pretty sucseful and it went for 4 and a half seconds and I think over all it was pretty decent

this task has helped me understand words like gravity, friction, momentum and lots of other big words.

I really enjoyed this project and I cant wait to start another one simmarler to this.