The Big Thing

22/10/2015 || The Start

My part is a moving wheel that is connected with a ramp or any other downhill travelling device/aid for the thing that is going down. My group is Georgina, Zoe and I. Ours is a wheel that rotates that has 8 sections and the balls roll into the sections and they travel up the wheel to the top and get aided by some sort of downhill device. It has to start with the balls travelling towards it and something the same height to aid it. I’m not really sure whether people have planned this also but if they have, I want to collaborate with them. Many hand make quick work. Our supplies at the moment are a coke bottle and some Lego and a medium motor. It will be about 8 – 12cm high depending on marble size and the pizza halves deepened depending on the marbles too.

I’m really excited for this 5-6 week project!

25/10/2015 || Finalizing Plans (for now)

Today in Robotics (The Big Thing) we finalized the plans and photocopied them. We changed the materials and design slightly when looking at it for a second time. Instead of a pizza (6 slice) we decided to do 3 arms instead. Although it would take less balls up, it is more realistic for what we have to work with. We decided that everything will be Lego unless the materials are limited then we will use a cereal box for foundation instead. Our materials at the moment are…

  • 4 long Lego rods
  • 1 three pin Lego pin
  • Cereal box OR normal Lego


We will add more when we see the Lego™.

27/10/2015 || The Build No.1

We started to build today, we built the three prong arms and connected it to a motor, then we cut out some cardboard that could create a box. We need hot glue and some more Lego now! We stopped using the Lego idea yesterday because we had to use loads if we did. We only need some lego core set, some other normal lego. That lesson GG was photographer and plan reviser, Zoe was the arm builder and I was the box builder.

30/10/2015 || The Build No.2

Today was awesome!! We hot glued the box net together and we have finished programming the 3 prong thing and re-made a part for the connection of the arms. We used scissors to punch a hole in the card to put the arms in. We are using a small motor to move it. It moves at the fastness 3.

5/11/2015 || The angle

Today we got some cardboard and I made the box do an angle so that the ball will go out the hole and through the ramp. We also had a problem when the arms hands couldn’t hold the balls. We made arms that could be adjusted easily and could hold most types of balls. It is 2 teeth and 1 black bit. We may have to make the arms longer to fit the box


Zoey did that while I glued cardboard to the bottom so that it was at a suitable angle so that when the balls come they will fall easily. I know its not very eye-pretty but no one will see it anyway and it was just made out of scraps. It does it’s job.




Today we have joined up to the other groups more and we will build to their specifications or if ours has a major part, they will build according to us. Ruby’s group needs to start low but Lukas’ group does too and we start low and finish high so we are using a pipe after we end to make it travel to the start of Ruby’s part. Our deadline is Friday 13th for testing and Thursday 12th for showing the teachers. Zoe, GG and I are almost done so this will notbe a problem.


Today we made our box higher so that it would fit Ruby’s group and Lukas’ Group. We also hot glued a piece of cardboard for the motor to sit on at the back of the box. We have designed our 3-prong arm for medium weight marbles of average size so if the makes the prongs go slower we will make the motor spin faster. We also added a ramp to the end where the box is. Here is a chart of things we have finished



 Arms  ✓ (for now)
 Box  ✓
 Ramp  ✓
Motor stand  ✓


Today we are almost finished!! We only have connecting Lukas’ group up and then we are done for building until the testing periods. We levitated the main box with wood and a shoe box. We used hot glue to stick it together. I am really proud of what we achieved today. We have finalized the program, made a really good angle for the box and modified and finalized the ramp to the pipe, owned by Ruby’s group. We also tested it and it worked 17/20 times and it only failed those three times because of too much speed but we fixed that up.

At lunch we also added some more levitation so that Lukas’ group can easily add their conveyor belt.

Here is an overview shot of “The Spinning Wheel”:



Today we have almost finished! We just need a few more tweaks, Lukas’ group to join up to us and then testing! I’m really excited for testing. The part got extra stabilizations, one more wood block near the tube and another long. . We tested and it worked 14/20 times before the tweaking and 17/20 after the big tweak. We need just a hole in the box for where the arms meet the peak of where the ball almost falls it will go down the ramp, to the tube and to the Lego horizontal ramp, to the Lego conveyor. We also need basin type bottom that I have already started to cut out. It is cardboard All we have left is helping Lukas’ group for a few minutes to join to our group. Which is just levitating it then potentially pulling it back depending on other groups.


We have finished! We just need to test with people and see whether it needs some tweaks. When starting from ours and going to Ruby’s group to Jade’s group it works 85% of the time. It needs Lukas’ group to join so that we can test. That will be a challenge. The poles were stablelized and the ramp a softer gradient.


For most of this session I did FFL




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