Another Passion Project!

Time has come again this year for another batch of Passion Projects.

Although my new P.P. doesn’t differ much from my first one, I am sure to do it right. I am partnered up with Emmy to make an EP w/ covers. Emmy is an amazing person, plus she plays instruments and can sing great! I don’t know many things Emmy can’t do honestly.

Nothing is set in stone yet with song choices and covers. It depends with time, effort and how much time Emmy and I have together. The genre of the album is unknown. Emmy is going to play instruments/sing and song-write some songs and I play instruments/sing and song-write some songs and edit/mix.

The purpose of this project is to share passions. Of course, I have already shared this (to a certain extent) but honestly I really like this. Also, by having a partner, we have more lyric ideas and things (like instruments) to work with. My dream is to make my passion/s a reality.

I am communicating how music can have many different topics and how music can help people cope with things such as grief and depression.

Our songs are for anyone over 8yrs of age because it takes a bit to appreciate our work, I guess.

I am looking forward to recording and sharing… and not losing my project.