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Scratch is a programming system that uses blocks/bricks that connect to make a character (sprite) move. Sprites can be drawn, imported from pics, and chosen from the library. There are also backdrops that can be drawn, chosen from the library and imported.


6th August 2015

Pet Horse Game:


During this game i learnt:

  • how to make a sprite teleport to places
  • animate the sprite

To use gliding you have to decide whether you want it to glide when the sprite pressed, when the flag is pressed or when a key is pressed. I have done when the sprite is clicked then added the go to (co ordinates) that i type into the white places. The go to is found in ‘looks’ and the ‘when sprite clicked’  is found in controls at the colored tabs.

Capture    To find the co ordinates to make it go there lookCapture here above the new sprite menu. x and y are the co ordinates so type them in the dark blue spots.

To animate go to the costumes menuCapture and select costumes. if this a sprite from the menu it may or may not have any other costumes. If it is drawn it is very easy to make a costume. Capturethe costumes drawn should have something to do with each other. after that do this command

Capture  > firstly start with any starting point, such as starting when the flag is clicked, put that brick on the start. I have the horse changing from costume1 to costume2 if you wish add a repeat block found in the control tab. The switch costume is found in looks, the wait for () is in control.


10.8.15 (from post)


Today we went to ELC4 and shared our games. My game is “Feathers, Paws, Claws; Animal Shelter”.

They all wanted to play 3 times each at least and wanted to keep going.

This is why (my opinion):

  • The fact that they had the computer in their hands, not mine most of the time
  • The animals in the game, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds. These are all animals kids know.
  • The controls: it’s a tap, drag, drop game. Not a keyboard, spacebar, game.
  • the things that happen make a difference. (when a sponge hits a dog bubbles happen)
  • sounds.

Things that need improvement!

  • The type in name feature.
  • The gliding to places

I think I should make this game so that its no bugs and more features.


My Animal Shelter Game is done!

I took in the feedback from the year two kids and the ELC4 kids and made it have no bugs! I am very happy at the end product. It took a long time to perfect it but now its done for now. If i get a really good idea or suggestion i will maybe make another version but i’m happy now.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.37.05 pm
This is the starting page

In the starting page there are two sprites the play button and the instructions button. When the play button is pressed it hides the play and instructions button


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.44.46 pm
This is the tasks page



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