Learning To Program Robots

In year 5 this term/semester our focus has been robots. Mainly getting to understand the properties of robots and the history of robots. We all are in groups of four. My group is Aimee, Xavier and Noah at the moment.


We got in our group and programmed for the robot.  I made one new program doing a song, Happy Birthday. I made it so that if it was someone’s birthday was soon, they could feel nice. I had to go to a music lesson after that. Here is a bit of the program for ‘Happy Birthday’. (sorry for the blur, that will be soon fixed). Mindstorms

I’m not very good at robotics but I am learning the basics. I want to soon make our group’s robot sense colors, walls and picking up items.

30.7.15 (this is from post)

I learned what some tiles meant today from tutorials and my group.

1.  This tile is a sound tile and uses piano notes, imported sounds and frequencies. the top one uses frequencies.

The one that has Hz labeled at the top does the frequency. It ranges from 261.65 to 2093 hz. It is a useful sound type when you want a alarm when you stop. Both have a timer that you can type in seconds for how long it rings the note/sound. The bar graph one is the sound level, click the 100 there and slide the slider to the sound level desired. The flag says whether its played once or repeated. The one that is highlighted blue, has a note system. Click on the sample of notes/a5 and you will see a piano keyboard. press a key and it will do that note. This is good for songs. A is the note in this example, 5 is the octave.sound

2. This uses rotations to move the bot.  (Below)

There are many different settings. I have rotations on here. The speed here is 50, but it can range from 0-100. for this I did one rotation of the wheel. The option with the tick underneath sets it to stop or repeat. I set stop to true. It’s found in the green tab.nnxjj

10.9.15 (from post)

We have almost finished the body of the elephant. The head has not been constructed yet.

I noticed that our group doesn’t work as well with 3 people, there we not enough hands. Usually we have one person looking up tutorials, 2 building and 1 every now and then picking up Lego pieces, and doing program

This is a timer block. It just delays the next movement or waits a desired time. Above the one is the seconds timed for you can type that in. It accepts _._ numbers too.


This is a move steering block.


It has the properties to move in a small circle. Above the 100 is the turning option, this is which way it turns. Above the 42 is the speed. I decided to do 42 so that it’s not too fast. Above the 360 is the degrees option. This option sets the degrees. Below the picture of the motor is the option for what it is moved by:

On for seconds

On for degrees

On for Rotations



I used on for degrees.

2 thoughts on “Learning To Program Robots

  1. Can you explain how you used the sounds to make the piano notes, I know how to do it but other people might not.
    P.S. Good punctuation.

  2. How do you make it sing a song? you could of told us how you did your program. I like how you told us what your program is meant to do and you put a photo.

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