TGC Carnival Fun!

I had a really fun time with everyone at the carnival and these are the best things i did:

Having pizza w/ Emmy, Bridie, Emma, Grace & Sophie:

We ordered a margarita and a hawaiian pizza and we ate it on the big chess board near the quad. We talked for a while and it was really nice sitting down and having a meal with some of my friends. After we had desert. Bridie and Emmy had hot chocolates and chocolate donuts and i shared fairy floss. Grace had sour wartheads 🙂

Going on the rides:

We went on the hurricane with is a spinning 8 cart ride that goes up and down and spins around. I went on with Emmy and Grace. We waited for a really long time in the line but it was worth it! Then we went on the cha cha. It wasn’t as busy so i went on it twice. My sister, Katie, who is four years old, went on many jumping castles. At the end of the night (8:30) I went on the spinning swing ride where you sit on a seat and it goes around. I got dizzy. I went on it with Grace, Emmy and my sister. I had a VIP wristband so i had unlimited rides.

Photo Booth:

I did lots of photos w Emmy, Bridie, Emma and Grace. There was dress up things so we did that. It’s a good memo maker. :0)

I did more but these were the best for me.