Yr8 Cre8

Totaka Candles by Emma in Yr8

You can contact her to buy her handmade candles via Instagram – @totaka.candles

Emma made candles out of wax, scented oils,  jars and lids. This took her about 20hrs to plan, get the materials and make them. She got her inspiration from her neighbor, Leanne who makes candles professionally. Her scents are at the moment Grapefruit, Coconut and Lime and Rio De Janero. Emma plans to make more candle smells and types and sell them at markets and via Instagram.

The steps were:

  1. Measure the wax in a measuring item (cup or jug)
  2. Melt the wax in a pan over the stove until done & melted
  3. Add a wick and hold it in by securing it with a clothes peg.
  4. While the wax is still liquid add drops of scented oils
  5. Pour into clean jar and wait for it to dry
  6. glue on the label and voila!

Before this she washed the jars to clean them out.

Also two other girls, Charlie and Skye, made candles too. Some of their scents are Champagne and Strawberries and Black Raspberry Sugar. All of their candles smell really nice and are very well presented.

This is her candle Coconut & Lime


Scratch Feedback

I got three feedback pages and this is what they said about my game, Animal Shelter. I made this game for 3-7yr olds. This is a single-player game. I am classifying high as 7-10 and low as 0-4. Medium as 5-6.

The first response said this was most suited to 3-9yr olds and took under a minute to complete. This person said this game was high in uniqueness and I think I got that rating because I had more of a relaxed game, rather than an action game. This person also said the appearance was very high (10). I think I got that because they are mouse drawn or cartoons that I thought fitted the game. I got a low medium on length of time it took to play. That was really helpful because I wanted to see what people thought about that aspect of the game. They said they didn’t get how to groom the dog but there is instructions on the page. Maybe I should alter the way that works,

The second response said this was most suited for 3-6yr olds and was completed in under a minute. I got high for uniqueness and appearance like the last person. I got low for simplicity which is okay because it’s a young children’s game but I will make a more complex game next time. On interest I got high and I think it’s because it’s unique. The suggestion from this critic was “Maybe you could add a coloured background to attract younger kids”. This was a good comment because I never really thought about that because I wanted it to be simple but I will try it next time.

The last response I read stated that this was most suited for 3-9yr olds and it took 1-2 minutes to complete. I got high for uniqueness again from this person and I got high for interest like the second written response. This persons comment was “I thought it was great but maybe make it go for a bit longer” This is good because I have gotten this two times in a row as a comment to I will definitely for my next project make it longer or play until satisfied.

In interaction all of them said 0/10 because it’s a self-played game maybe I should add a multi-player mini-game, like husky racing, so that boys get interested too because a majority of little girls wanted to play the game not boys so maybe that would make more interest.

Thank you to the people who rated my game! J




Year 5 Camp


Trust Activities Incursion:

Our group worked well. But what I found challenging was when I had an idea and I was scared to say ideas because I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t as familiar with my group. It wasn’t strange, I just wasn’t familiar with the habits of most of these people. I got to know people, whether that they were a pessimist or an optimist. Stuff relating to that.

Billy Carts:

Actually it wasn’t as hard as I thought to make a Billy cart! The people in my group all worked together there were no arguments at all. Teamwork was crucial. We had that the majority of the time. I found out that when I am challenged I tend to go faster, my mind works harded and my mind also tells me I can do it. But if its too hard, I get a bit pessimistic.


I liked the end products of my creations. I loved screwing apart old computers and old Nokia phones. I even got to see inside an old DVD player! I learnt that to make a thing move a circuit has to be all joined up.



Trust And Initiative:

In these activites we moved objects. We worked in groups or all together. Having things in big groups was hard.

Flying Fox:

I love the flying fox. For most of it I was break crew but when It was my turn I got 3 turns not 2! It was tiring jogging up the hill but worth it. I didn’t feel fear. It was just jolly good fun.

Low Ropes:

I liked the low ropes, they helped us have trust in each other because i did it blindfolded and didn’t fall once! I like feeling comfortable. I have full trust in those people now. The low ropes were almost directly below the flying fox so we saw people going on it. They came down with smiles on their faces 🙂

Map Reading:

I did this activity with Grace. We were the colour yellow. It was hard trying to keep track of every pinpoint and do it quick enough. Grace and i ended up doing them quickly. We were in the rain. The best way for us doing it was to make one read the letters and the other to record. Both ahve to pinpoint. That was the best one for us. Ours said:


Book Week


We all brought in a minimum of 2$ to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Foundation raises money for kids who don’t have books and can’t read. We also put books into the book swap. All the books un-swapped go to the kids.

I dressed up as a pig. I matched with Emma who was Fern from Charlotte’s Web. I matched with Ellie who was the Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs. And I matched with Harriette, who was Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh.

Today will be a blast 🙂

Scratch – Testing My Game With 4yr Olds

Today we went to ELC4 and shared our games. My game is “Feathers, Paws, Claws; Animal Shelter”.

They all wanted to play 3 times each at least and wanted to keep going.

This is why (my opinion):

  • The fact that they had the computer in their hands, not mine most of the time
  • The animals in the game, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds. These are all animals kids know.
  • The controls: it’s a tap, drag, drop game. Not a keyboard, spacebar, game.
  • the things that happen make a difference. (when a sponge hits a dog bubbles happen)
  • sounds.

Things that need improvement!

  • The type in name feature.
  • The gliding to places

I think I should make this game so that its no bugs and more features.


Scratch – Race With T-Rex


How To Play;

1. Press the green flag. Please tell me the bugs and glitches/problems.

2. There’s is a dino. after it’s finished talking a monkey will call the race on! use the right arrow key to help the cat win the race.

3. if he reaches the end before the dino then he has won the race.

My Learning In Lego Mindstorms

I learned what some tiles meant today from tutorials and my group.

1.  This tile is a sound tile and uses piano notes, imported sounds and frequencies. the top one uses frequencies.

The one that has Hz labeled at the top does the frequency. It ranges from 261.65 to 2093 hz. It is a useful sound type when you want a alarm when you stop. Both have a timer that you can type in seconds for how long it rings the note/sound. The bar graph one is the sound level, click the 100 there and slide the slider to the sound level desired. The flag says whether its played once or repeated. The one that is highlighted blue, has a note system. Click on the sample of notes/a5 and you will see a piano keyboard. press a key and it will do that note. This is good for songs. A is the note in this example, 5 is the octave.sound

2. This uses rotations to move the bot.  (Below)

There are many different settings. I have rotations on here. The speed here is 50, but it can range from 0-100. for this I did one rotation of the wheel. The option with the tick underneath sets it to stop or repeat. I set stop to true. It’s found in the green tab.nnxjj

Spinners – Math

Today in Maths we did probability with spinners. The task was to make four identical fair and four identical unfair spinners. We wrote them in red pen or pencil. I made the fair spinners, Phoebe made the unfair spinners. After we were happy with them we brought them down to the floor to compare them. Phoebe and I were some of the only people that didn’t color parts of our spinners, ours were fair and unfair because of size of sections on the spinner. We put the chances of spinning red on the spinner into thought next, considering that we had no red parts  but lines on ours, it was impossible. I had to go to a music lesson after that but I still learned that something can be fair or unfair in probability by size not just color.

Year 5 Lego Excursion – Docklands, Melbourne

Yesterday Year 5 went on a bus to Melbourne to go to the Lego Education Centre. We did 3 activities. Two involving kinetic energy. One involving robots.

1. Kinetic Ferris Wheel

A woman called Mel taught us about the energy. She showed us how  store the kinetic energy in a metal battery-like Lego block. We built the Ferris wheel according to the instructions and self learnt how to attach the Ferris wheel to the small solar panels and the wind turbines. Our task was to attach all the Ferris Wheels in your group to a power source. The sources were solar, wind and human. My group succeeded with 5 Ferris Wheels on one solar panel. I learnt that its easier than I thought to make energy.

2. Robots

Danielle (one of the teachers) taught us about this. We all got into pairs and programmed