The book of choice is Esio Trot. It is a Roald Dahl book and I have read it many times. It is a humour book and I would recommend it to anyone of any age wanting a short novel with a great story. The illustrations are by Quintin Blake. I love this book so much. Please read it! Esio Trot is tortoise backwards!


  1. Hoppy lived alone in a flat in a tall concrete building. He was retired, lonely, shy and had a crush on Mrs. Silver for many years. This was a secret of course. He’s a solitary man. He grew many flowers, plants and small shrubs on his balcony and grew very fond of them and his view. Below his apartment flat was where Mrs. Silver lives. She always liked the plants he grew. They were riots of colour. He always wanted to talk to Mrs. Silver and have tea but he’s so shy his courage takes his words.
  2. Silver seemed to already have a love-life, well she was attached to her pet tortoise Alfie. Every time Mr. Hoppy saw her giving Alfie love he grew so much more jealous of him. I mean Alfie. Alfie had been with Mrs. Silver for many years. She loved that tortoise so much. Mr. Hoppy wanted to be a tortoise, but mostly just be with his secret love and stop his jealousy.
  3. One day, when Mr. Hoppy saw Mrs. Silver on her balcony below him they talked. The subject was Alfie, of course. She was rambling about how in eleven years Alfie had only gained a few kilos. When they had this talk Alfie weighed up to a grapefruit and Mrs. Silver was a bit worried. She said she would give anything to have him grow bigger. Mr. Hoppy had a brilliant plan…
  4. He said he had all the answers (he didn’t) and gave her a “magic” poem. It reads it backwards and he said that it’s tortoise language. He told her it was like that because they are very backward creatures. How bizarre. He got praised and he told her to chant this to him and he would grow bigger. The poem read:


  5. He went to every pet store in the city. He went to every 14 of them and bought all their tortoises. Big and small. He had set up his living room to house 140 tortoises with dark shells that weigh in near Alfie. It took him two days to get the 140 tortoises. He feed them cabbage leaves for their meals. His living room carpet was the shade “dark moving tortoise”.
  6. He was once a mechanic. So he used his old materials to make a claw to put their tortoises on her balcony and switch them so it gives her the illusion of change of weight. This wasn’t hard for Mr. Hoppy to make. He could switch the tortoises when Mrs. Silver was out in her part-time job.
  7. The first time he switched them was straight after the making of the claw. He measured their weight and swapped accordingly, this time making counterfeit Alfie heavier. He achieved with success. She never noticed. He wanted Mrs. Silver to love him.
  8. He did this again eight more times within 7 weeks without getting caught. When that was over he couldn’t fit his hibernating house and was twice the size of real Alfie. That day, Mr. Hoppy went to her apartment and held “Alfie” and got praised. Mr. Hoppy’s ego grew.
  9. She then wanted him smaller so he could fit in his little houses. He told her o read the backward poem like out language and it will reverse. Mrs. Silver still believes this.
  10. He did the same with the bigger turtles but in reverse. She was so impressed she made him tea, praised him and hugged him. She had fallen in love. He proposed. She accepted. After that he gave away those tortoises and lived happily ever after… With “Alfie” of course.



Catching the Reader

My PMI is about a book called “Zac and Mia”. I highly recommend it, one of my all-time favourites.

Won these awards or has been in:

Winner, 2014 Ethel Turner Prize, NSW Premier’s Literary Award
Winner, 2014 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award (Australia/NZ)
Winner, Text Prize, 2012
Shortlisted, Queensland Literary Award, 2014
Shortlisted, WAYBRA awards, 2014

The last person Zac expects in the room next door is a girl like Mia, angry and feisty with questionable taste in music. In the real world he wouldn’t–couldn’t–be friends with her. 

But in hospital different rules apply, and what begins as a knock on the wall leads to a note–then a friendship neither of them sees coming.

You need courage to be in hospital; different courage to be back in the real world.
In one of these worlds Zac needs Mia. And in the other Mia needs Zac.

Or maybe they both need each other, always.

Here are some variations of the covers:

z&m 1 z&m 2 z&m 4


The covers are very eye-catching. Especially the eye one. I still am wondering about the design and the daisy. I loved it because it was different from the other books. Everyone can interpret it a different way. The colours could say something, the picture could say it or the layout could.

The blurb is so well thought out. It’s casual but deeply emotive. It has that personal vibe that really hits home (well at least for me).

The title makes it sound romantic and like they are star-crossed lovers. But even so it lets of a vibe that it will always be okay in the end for me and it really brings out character in the book.


 In my opinion, the title is okay but could be better. It should be as deeply as interesting the book is. Maybe like “The storm they could not predict” or “Together by a wall” or “You’re all I’ve got” something intriguing. Maybe it’s just me.


 The concept of the eye and the daisy is a very interesting one. Being safe in the eye of a hurricane. The splash of yellow in a daisy. How frail a daisy is. Funny metaphors come from that one.


Lightning Premiership – Win

I did Volleystars for my winter sport. I was in a team of 12. We placed 1st place in the competition. We played against Montpellier, Kardinia, Christian College and (I forgot whether or not) Chilwell. I really like my team cause we all work together really well. I wish there was more running though. Everyone had loads of fun during this event and I bet if we did it again everyone would be more confident and have more strengths like passing, serving, tapping. Things like that. I like Lightning Premiers.

Cross Country 2016

Cross Country was an absolute blast! It was a great day and the weather was fairly okay with highs of 30 degrees+. The 12/13 girls ran 3km and ran last in the roster. All primaries were scheduled to run on Thursday.  We all got icy-poles if we finished the race. It was really fun to see everyone having fun while exercising. I’m in the house Helicon and we won with 600+ points from all our good efforts. I might post some pictures soon.

Helicon was victorious 🙂

Great Job everyone on your efforts for yesterdays great run. I hope everyone had loads of fun. Good luck at our next house event, House Music!


Me As A Reader

Reading is like understanding a person you never personally knew. Novels are my favourite type of book. My favourite genres of books are Family & Friends, Non-Fiction, Comics, Humour and some Young Adult books. I am a very wide-ranged reader. I enjoy when i have a book that I wanna relate to. My reading habits are pretty normal in my opinion. I read about every single day for about 45mins. Also, really big books put me off.

My current reading book is a book made by AsapScience, a youtube channel made by Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, made a book from their best findings and explanations of phenomena across the globe.


I’ve been literally hooked previously to these Choose Your Own Ever After Books.. My favourites are How To Get To Rio, Play The Game (netball) and A Hot Cold Summer. You can find them and others in the Family and Friends section in the school library. Highly recommended for girls 🙂




GKR Karate Australasian Championship 2015 & Getting Brown Belt


On Saturday I achieved something I am really proud of.

I got a silver medal in my division of 10 – 12yr olds and there were 38 people in my division. I did this at the Melbourne State Basketball Centre.  I was a red belt doing this.  I got my brown 1 week after but I was entered as a red. Being a brown belt I have black belt next!

For my qualifying medal I got gold in sparring last tournament so that qualified me for champ sparring.

I was so shocked how well I did at champs and it really makes me feel like my practice really paid off!

I had 10 rounds 9 that I won.

Kata wasn’t so crash hot. I was last I felt so pressured cause I couldn’t top their skills! They are all such nice girls and I made mutual friends just sitting in line with a couple of them. Kata is where you have artistic moves that you perform with precise moves, strength, concentration and elegance. I got 9 – 12th in that. I did bassadai. Seiunchin is my brown belt kata and I am the best at that but I don’t know it of by heart. I’m really good my teacher says but its ling and I don’t know it well enough. My score for Bassai Dai was 7.3, 7.5, 7.8. No one got past 8.1.

Here is my medal:


Common Questions:

Q: How long is a training session; how many times a week?

A : 1 – 2 hours, 2 – 3 times a week.


Q; How many years training?

A; as of this date, 5 years.


Q: How long till black belt!?

A: Well, that varies. It’s my next belt though!


Q: How many people at AUS Champs?

A: Easily 800 – 900 from Australia, 47 from Tasmania and 56 from New Zealand. It was so loud and packed I honestly thought my ears were going to bleed. Well, that made it fun. It was really fun because my state team was there and they are so supportive.

Next tournament: World Titles

pic of me in gear coming soon! stay around!



First Lego League // Rockets

I am in FLL and I am doing the challenges with Lily as my buddy.

Today I did FLL. I am doing the Rocket Packaging challenge. It is where you retrieve one or two rocket ships. One has bad waste and one is eco-friendly. The first has black bars, which can be a penalty piece if not in proper care/safety on the board. The eco-friendly has no black bars. I am using the levitating arm for this.

So basically I have a program (not tested) that I believe that will before the thing starts make the arm go up so that it does not scrape the floor, make the robot go forward and the arm down. I will make it go back after I know how far to go, then I will add the go back process.


I am still deciding whether lowering the arm while moving would be wise… That’s what is here now!



Perry Angel’s Suitcase by Glenda Millard

6921799 Q: Do you think that Perry will enjoy staying with the Silks’?

A: The silks are very bubbly people and that might be a bit intimidating but when he settles down he will do alright. I think Perry will like staying with the silk family because of their lifestyle.I think Perry is a shy, calm person, so he wouldn’t mind the setting, the fresh air or the early rising for weekend breakfast feasts.

The only problem is the fact that there are so many people in the family and they are all so extroverted and so wanting to be with him it might make him anxious. He also might be jealous of the love between them and may think about what it might have been like to have a mom and a dad that were there and loves him. He might be so shy that he pushes away people to get his private time.

“He was used to that. Each place had it’s own strangeness. He felt his suitcase, the familiar feel of it. It anchored his thoughts and stopped fright form spinning out his chest.” PG 49

He likes the familiar so when he settles he will be ok.


Senior School Art Expo

The Senior School Art Expo is an exciting event where older students show their best art pieces. It can be fashion to photograph to short films conveying a message. Here are things that I saw!


IMG_2502  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥IMG_2499

I really liked the dresses and I also liked the books for the dresses. It was really cool how they documented their findings and inspiration into the book.

I really liked the gum packets. They came in Dragonfruit, Papaya, Lime and Strawberry I think. I also liked how people who were making products they drew designs and found names that were very appealing. The bright colors worked really well.

My absolute favorite things were the meaningful and funny short films. I loved the ones about love, not because they were about love or sappy romance but because they mean a lot! They were so well thought out and so well edited! I liked the funny films because it broke up the sad and the happy.


The Senior School Art Expo is awesome!