SRP – Fareignheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 – SUMMARY

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a very intriguing book about abuse of rights and control, and the loss of more than just education. This book is set in the near future where fireman burn literature, and houses are fireproof… and most importantly, books are illegal. Anybody who has books is committing a crime, and fireman jobs are to find them and burn them. Treating them almost like illicit drugs, books are slowly vanishing from the future world, with bibles almost gone, and fiction almost a fairy tale. The story is revolved around a fireman whose job is to burn books, and he starts to question his work, and cause a revolution against the government, bringing the freedom of books once again. 

Book Week 2016

Book week again! I love seeing all of the costumes and smiles, I guess it’s all part of the week. Well, my favourite part if the week for me. Everybody getting into character is one of the funniest things too! It’s a great memory also, I love getting together and planning ours.

Let’s not forget about the books though, it’s Book Week remember!!        🙂

My favourite book from my childhood is Diary Of A Wombat by Jackie French!

I remember in Junior School (once called Campbell House when I was there) we would have Library every week. I remember lucidly we read it three times in a year once, not including the sequels of this book. Gosh, it’s been so long. If anybody was here since Junior School, please comment your favourite library book reading, or the one you remember.

I also love the simplicity, it makes it funny and lighthearted. I like reading it to my sister, she learnt all the words in the book in a week. That’s how simple it is to understand. Also, the illustrations are so adorable, little wombat are cute in real life too, though! My grandma used to read it to me too when I borrowed it from the library, I used to live with her, I did all my life almost. She passed away two years ago so it’s a good memory for me.

I first heard the book when it was read to me when I borrowed it the first term from the library. My grandma read it to me. It made me laugh so much because there is one occurring sentence that we all do, maybe not as much as the wombat but whatever. A wombat shall do what a wombat shall do! If you remember the book you will know what I am talking about.

My favourite character is…. *coughs for effect* DA DA DA DAH! The dopey wombat.

It made me feel so lighthearted when reading it. It was so much fun this book!

Please comment!

Watching Words


Words are everywhere and they are an important part in out lives! I think they are the most important part of our lives in school. Words are our speech and our writing. Without words we would be mimes, using body language and symbols as communication. Words are language. We owe lots of our daily contact to words.

My book is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This is only an evaluation of the first book.

Character Words:

Brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

One way Katniss showed this was when she volunteered for the games in her sister’s place. She has 1/24 chance that she will not die, so it’s basically a death sentence. She is only a young adult, so this is very special. Even if she was just being kind, she was being brave. The ultimate sacrifice.

Foolish: lacking good sense or judgment; unwise.

She did sacrifice for her district, but some people she was foolish. They see it as she was saying life was something not valuable or she was toying with fate. They believe that she was toying with fate or she was giving away life.

“Katniss showed bravery through what was deemed as a death sentence by all commoners. Some thought she was foolish, most thought she was brave.”

Action Words:

Silently: making no sound; quiet; still: refraining from speech

Katniss was moving silently through the forest to avoid danger in the games. About 16 contestants had already died, she was cautious for her life. She was determined to win. District 1 and 2 were dominating in a team but she was by herself. Her boy acquaintance, Peeta Mellark, was not dead, but somewhere else unknown to her at the time. 

“Katniss was moving swiftly but silently through the dense cover of the forest. She was up to her neck in opponents and she would be choked any second now.”

Setting Words:

Bland: lacking in special interest, liveliness, individuality, etc.; insipid; dull

The place she grew up in, District 12, is very poor and mundane. It mines coal and nothing very exciting happens. Nothing exciting happens, only tragedies. Her father died in a mining accident when she was young.

“Her district was bland.”

Feeling Words:
Endangered: threatened with a danger: scared

She felt endangered in the games, there were only a few left after the first night alone. It was her and Peeta, and a bunch of threats.

“She felt endangered. The berries had almost killed her and her opponents were running after her.”



  1. Mundane: Bland, boring, plain, unexciting. “Rey’s life was mundane.”
  2. Misanthropy: Somebody who has hatred to people in general. “Rey had misanthropy from the abuse as a child. He could never forgive them so easily, most people were cruel.”
  3. Lucid: transparently clear; easily understandable. “Rey’s speech was fluent and lucid, something beautiful.”



Author Intent

Wonder – R.J.Palacio

The message of this book is to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. If you have not read this book there are major spoilers in the post. Skip the bold italics part if you don’t want spoilers.

The main character, August, was born with a facial abnormality. He gets bullied and put-down for his looks, and his favourite day is not his birthday, it’s Halloween, where he can hide his face. His “best-friend” was bullying him behind his back and was actually assigned to playing with him. His two real best friends moved away from him when he was young to different states in the USA. His old, rescued, beloved dog, Daisy, dies. He thinks his sister is embarrassed of him. He’s had quite a few surgeries.

Pretty hard life, huh?

So. August is amazing. Having so many hardships and still being open to people. R.J.Palacio is a great author. It’s really great how she made the character so in depth and so touching.

He was born with “small anomalies” which basically means when he was being created his face was deformed. He gets bullied for something he was born with, which I think is so terrible. He hasn’t given up. He studies and stays strong. Even without many people in his life he still is a great person.

Here is a prime examples of August’s maturity and understanding of life (he’s supposed to be our age.): “The only reason why I’m not ordinary is because nobody sees me that way.” And “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”

My favourite quote of this book is about his sister when she was born:

“Fate smiled and destiny laughed as she came into my cradle.”

Word Study:

  1. Yearn: To want something badly. “Eva yearned for friendships.”
  2. Xenophobia: Fear of strangers or foreigners. “August has Xenophobia. Leave him be!”
  3. Vermillion: Vivid red/orange colour: “Eva’s bag was vermillion.”
  4. Quixotic: Not sensible in practical matters: “James was quixotic”


Poetry is my personal favourite form of writing. It seems to be so pretty and beautiful. There’s no limits to the amounts of metaphors you can make when you think. It’s quite amazing hot beautiful our words can be. We just have to be careful to taste them before we spit them out.

I made these poems. I did my poems on a character from Paper Towns – John Green. I did three on events in the story. I really love this book. If you have some time, it is a must read 🙂 All of these poems are from Quentin’s perspective.

“Her name is Margo.”

I was so lucky

To live across the street

Of a goddess

That I adore

I lived there

For many years

Yearning for her love

But she was always out pulling pranks

That sly vixen

That night owl

She had mystery in her lungs

And mischief in her smile

And her blue eyes

Were my summer skies

“I need a favour, Quentin

I didn’t know whether it was a mirage or not

I couldn’t tell

But she was sitting in my room

With the light of the moon

And she was asking of a favour

It was a surprise

But I didn’t mind

Because I loved her so

But we spent all night 

Roaming the streets

And pranking all who seemed to miss karma

Then when they were done

She told him about how she never wanted to be found

In a paper town

“Paper Towns”

Suddenly she disappeared

She didn’t tell anybody about her escape

But Quentin knew she loved mysteries

So he kept his eyes open

For things she had left

A pin on an opened map 

In her room

He recalls

Her saying about a paper town

He wasn’t ready to let her go

So he went to find her

Down the highway with his friends

They try to find Margo

Please stay tuned for more on my Passion Project and other updates 😉


Powerful Sentences

My book of choice is “Zac & Mia”. It’s about two Australian teenagers who have cancer. The end up as hospital ward neighbours. He learns her blearing music or her foul mouth can’t stop them from thinking about each other even when they’re away. In his time of treatment for leukaemia, this was the first time he met a girl his age in this hospital with cancer. Zac’s cancer is more serious than Mia’s.  The book is powerful altogether I think and so far I would rate it a 9/10 but I have not finished.

“It’s funny how the brain does things like that. Your whole world is getting sucked up and tossed around and the best you can do is fixate on something small and unexpected.” – Zac Meier / A.J.Betts / Zac & Mia

I think this is a very moving and powerful if you think. He is getting better from a bone-marrow transplant that could save his life and he has undergone chemo and other things. He is stuck in this empty room filled with the smell of hand sanitiser and the worst part is when you hear someone has passed away. It would crush him. He had to leave all his friends, not conclude year 12 and under go all this. It’s like saying all he wants are the simple things.

The other way I came up with to say this:

Abstract and unplanned things are usually my point of interest. I’m sick of all this pain and this puts my mind into a daydream.

“At some point, you gotta stop looking at the sky, or one of these days you’ll look back down and see that you floated away, too.” – Paper Towns / John Green

I couldn’t choose between these two. I like this book also. There are lots of sites where you can find information about the book “Paper Towns” by John Green because it’s very popular. It’s a young adult book. I think it would be a great read for anyone but John Green has a stereotype for all of his characters. He may be good at writing but all of his characters are the same. Sometimes I think the girl protagonist is someone he loved when he was growing up or loves now.

I think this line is very powerful because it’s saying stop daydreaming, go have a little fun. Being happy is better than wanting to stop your death. You’ll find that you wasted your life, over something so bitter and annoying rather than having lived wild and reckless. I’d rather be wild as a storm than someone who has a plastic heart anyway.

The other way that I came up with for saying this would be:

Why are you just staring up at those clouds? Couldn’t you use your life, run reckless? Cause someday you’ll be up there, just wait; it’s something you can’t escape. We are born to live, not to wait for our stupid deaths.


Term 2 Reading Goals

What genres would you like to explore this term and why?

My goal this term for genre is to read some happy, comedy books. I tend to read very emotional, sobering and sad novels. I guess I just like them because of the feelings I get. I am also often told that I should read comedy not books that involve death, disappearance and sadness. I also read quite a few mystery books and liked them but never really went back. I plan on reading one of those too. I will read a fantasy book too, but the reason why I never really did before is the fact that things that aren’t real are things that always reoccur in almost every fantasy. Like magic and myths but I want to try it out again.

The genres I want to read this term:

  • Mystery
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy

What reading routine will you follow this term?

I want to read every night but sometimes I don’t have time so three times a week (out of school) in large parts. I will just increase the amount of pages I read if I miss one reading session.

How do you find out about new books?

I usually just search shelves in genres and ask for recommendations. Maybe see if an author you like has more books.

How many Reading Rants will you aim to complete?

About four a week, maybe five depending on how many books I read over this time.

How can you improve as a blogger about your reading?

Remember to add photos and always get my work in early.

Watching Words






The book I have taken this word from is called ‘Eight Keys’ by Suzanne LaFleur. This is her second published book


Synonyms: Entrails, organs, guts, viscera

The internal workings of a device or machine

Example: Cadence removed the innards of the cow and cringed.


These are from the book ‘Pookie Aleera is not my boyfriend’ by Steven Herrick. It is a book of poems about people our age at school.


To get rid of something/someone who/is no use to you anymore or no longer interesting.

Synonyms: abandoned, neglected, obsolete, dis-continued, forsaken, castaway

Example: The children discarded their school hats when playing basketball


Feeling and remembering something from the past. Sometimes evoked from objects or people. This can be any feeling.

Synonyms: homesick, romantic, sentimental, regretful

Example: Alexis felt nostalgic as she walked upon the streets of her old school. She remembered fairs and all her friends.


Various natural substances. For example, asphalt.

Synonyms: blacktop

Example: A few years ago the birds started dying after landing on these lakes and getting slathered in bitumen.


A disease that has high mortality

Synonyms: curse, epidemic, outbreak, invasion, influenza

Example: The plague in Egypt spread along the Nile. Causing a large outbreak.


  1. one of a breed of domestic pigeons
  2. any of various small birds having fanlike tails
  3. fantail goldfish

Example: The fantail goldfish swam around the tank, catching all of the sinking goldfish food


To smile in an affected, smug, or offensively familiar way.

Synonyms: laugh, glow, grin, shine, radiate

Example: Jason’s mouth turned into a smirk when he found out he had no school due to his fake sick day.


  1. a small valley or ravine originally worn away by running water and serving as a drainageway after prolonged heavy rains
  2. gutter or a ditch

Synonyms: gulch, defile, watercourse, gorge 

Example: The gully had water flowing through it to the end of the hill


  1. to mumble
  2. to grimace
  3. to sulk
  4. to mope
  5. an acute contagious viral disease of the parotid salivary glands, characterised by swelling of the affected parts, fever, and pain beneath the ear: usually affects children.

Example: Sally had the mumps. She had lost her favourite watch.


  1. a small portion
  2. a blob of a substance

Synonyms: piece, portion, bit, glob, blob

Example: Paris added a dollop of cream onto her apple pie. Her sister, Matilda, only had a small spoonful.


Setting Analysis

The Hunger Games // Book I Setting Analysis

In the near future, the nation of Panem (North America), 12 districts set forth a male and a female from the ages 12 – 18 for ‘The Hunger Games’. A harsh reminder and punishment of the residue of war that happened between them.


They are forced to travel to the Capitol. These 12 districts supply the Capitol, the rich people hub. The games take place in the Capitol, in an arena that is controlled by the Gamemakers’, administrations of the game and the government. The arena has a dome around it and the weather, terrain, temperature, area, barriers, natural disasters, plants, and time can change in a blink of an eye (this only applies in the domes field). The controllers can also send in weird animals such as mutated wolves. The atmosphere in the arena is very dramatic, harsh, sad and very brutal. The people there are very posh and wear very weird makeup combinations and have certain luxuries such as T.Vs, really good food, expensive houses, grand outfits. Usually people of high social standing live here. The government is situated here. They usually treat The Hunger Games as a fun T.V. show because it’s broadcasted on almost every T.V. in Panem. People in the Capitol do not take part in the games but do things like change the terrain in the arena with high-tech gadgets.  


The main protagonist; Katniss Everdeen was born in district 12. District Twelve is very, very poor. It’s the coal mining district. Her father died in a mining accident. District Twelve is also very commonly looked down upon by some of the other districts (usually one and two) and the Capitol. Most people compare the Capitol’s wealth and fame to District Twelve’s poverty and starvation. Katniss’ district is surrounded by a large wire fence that keeps the people from the forest. She says once “District Twelve; where you can starve to death in safety”. She is talented in Archery and uses her dad’s bows to hunt. It’s illegal for Katniss to use weapons like this by law, but she needs it to support her family. The law is very strict in Panem. There is a part of the town called ‘The Hob’ which is a black market. She trades her kills for strawberries and other things. Sometimes she just simply sells them.


It is very dramatic in there because in most circumstances only one out of twenty-four tributes survive and they get lots of luxuries. Some of the less poor districts have been training their whole life to win in the arena. Thats why the poorer districts usually don’t win often. The Gamemakers’ can also genetically mutate the creatures they put in. They can make wolves musclier, stronger and three times their size! They have a canon and at every nightfall and the number of times the canon sounds, is how many people have died that day.


Plot Analysis

My Life As An Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg 

Please don’t read if you don’t want slight spoilers.

Candice Phee is a girl living in the small town in Queensland, Australia called Albright. She’s a very unique twelve year old who likes to write pen-pal letters to her American penpal Denille, (who hasn’t replied once), has a pet fish called Earth-pig fish (who she and her Rich Uncle Brian won at a fair) and her best friend Douglas Benson From Another Dimension. She loves to make everyone happy and loves to fix everyone who’s broken inside. She is very, very honest and sometimes un-noticeably rude… But her intentions are the best from her surroundings. She has dark, ‘dirty’ blonde hair with freckles all over her body. She has no other siblings, an only child, but her mother is still saddened about her younger sister Sky’s cot death. Her father and his brother (Rich Uncle Brian) don’t get along. Her only friend Douglas thinks he was born in another dimension but is stuck in her world. He has also fallen hopelessly in love with Candice, and asks her to go back with him (which doesn’t end like he planned). He thinks jumping from a tree will take him back to his ‘space parents’ . He got injured but apparently it worked perfectly but he came back for Candice. Candice is scared of heights so he’s finding a way to get her back without heights After his recovery she finally got her pen-pals first letter. After her 21+ pileup of previously unread ones and Douglas cheesy love remarks..