Building Views || Maths300

Building Views

Building views is a Math activity that involves mostly visualisation. We did it with actual blocks and on Maths3oo. The main difference between Maths300 and actual cubes is that with cubes you had to find the maximum and minimum, meanwhile the Maths300 is just asking for numbers on the plot. This activity is helping you be aware of space and depth. It is about visualising levels of blocks/cubes and stacking them to create levels. Kind of like the buildings in the CBD with the levels, unlike France where they have a limit of how high they can actually build. We placed them on the 4×4 plains, having 16 square foundation blocks. Here are examples of what I have said:Capture

There are numbers inside signifying how high that tower stacks. One level/number is one cube in the stack. So, if it was in the front view in the 4×4 with the numbers, 3, 1, 4, 2, the front view would be this (right).

It would look like this when build with physical cubes on a 4×4 or on Maths300.

My biggest challenge was probably getting the minimums on the Task 1 sheet.

Task 1/Actual Cubes:

Task 1 was basically making us aware of space and making us ready for Task 2. We had to find the maximum and minimum of the blocks we can use to result in the same views from the side and the front. Then you write the maximum and the minimum of blocks you can use without changing the views. The trick with the minimum was to share views where the height was the same with the towers needed and not overpowering another smaller tower. 

Task 2/Maths300:

So with this task you had to find out the towers on the grid and document them . The trick with this one is to find the smallest tower in the view and document it in the grid. Then you press check. It says where you have missed spots and where you are spot on. If you can see some behind, position them where you think they would fit. Then you press check. I didn’t use x-ray very much, but it reveals the behind blocks if there are any. It makes it very easy. Here is an example of finished ones:

Screenshot (10) Screenshot (9)