Maker Day

Solar Boats

Materials: milk bottles, slim wood blocks, solar panels, hot glue, duct tape.

Our boat had a bottom fin, a cut in half milk carton and some slim, lightweight wood. We had half milk cartons so that it wasn’t so elevated above the water, our theory was that if it had more elevation the rudder would not be in the water. We had a bottom fin for slicing through the water for speed. We had the slim wood for a platform on the milk bottles for the solar panel to sit on. the wood wasn’t too heavy but not too light so that the boat wasn’t pushed by wind.



My Design Elective

My design elective is currently 3D printing.

My groups mentor is Mr. Camm. We all made TinkerCad accounts and we went through some item that were made in 3D printing. There was a working screw and bolt, a movable person, a cog, a whistle and even a replica of a fan jet engine that could move. It was very exciting to see all the things that were capable in 3D print. We were assigned to make a key chain that had a hole and our name on it. This was not compulsory, some of the boys made footballs and planes. I want to make a keychain for my sister and an animal, most likely going to be a cockatoo or a lion. I also want to make a moving fan, picture frame and a keepsake box. The possibilities are endless! I am so excited for making more things and giving gifts that I made to my parents and friends. I love 3D printing.