Does producing make you a producer?

Recording is so tiring! Wait no, it’s just singing and guitar. Recording is simple, surprisingly, it’s not terribly hard. It’s not at all rocket science, anybody can do it. 

But the thing that makes good audio is location, equipment and assets (vocals and instruments).

From last time I recorded, I changed location, added a mic and used my acoustic guitar.

Microphone: AT2020 USB Microphone

My microphone is a USB microphone because it can be recorded through any computer easily.

In my last post, there is more information for anybody curious.

Bathroom studios are the best type of studios; spacious, best acoustics and not very expensive.

(like I’m gonna buy an extra bathroom to record in for my annoying voice, as if)

There are pros and cons though, I have found that they are so amazing there may be some minor problems..

The Pros:

awesome voice projection

– guitars get projected nicely, to even out guitar and singing

– the room basically acts as a big cave, that makes echoes and makes the instruments sound fuller, and giving voice clarity that can only be found in top microphones and real vocal/song studios

The Cons*: 

the projection can pick up mistakes, that usually can’t be heard in normal rooms, and because I don’t own a filter for my microphone it can pick my breathing pretty badly (in my opinion)

Overall, this is my favourite recording place currently. 

The pros outweigh the cons and if I had more equipment it would be amazing but I am still young and even just buying me a microphone is actually quite a bit for my songs, which my originals are not good (yet, hehe) but I am thankful.

*Remember also, if you are going to record in your bathroom, watch out for water, elevate your laptop/camera, make sure there are no dripping taps. Be careful of dropping things on the floor, usually people have hard floors so if you drop your instrument, it’s gonna be a little bit, uh, hurt, loud and possibly broken. The laptop also, a shattered glass screen isn’t the best way to show your parents you’re a great musician… or a popped out battery (I experienced the second one oops.. hehe).

Guitar: My guitar is an Alvarez. It’s a folk sized guitar, which doesn’t effect sound much just size. There is not much to know about this guitar, I am not a very big guitar nerd. 

The time taken to record all of these songs:

5 days (9 hours, seems like a lot, but i would have annoying errors and mess up timing and things like that)

The websites I got chords/lyrics:

Ultimate Guitar (also has bass, ukulele and drums):

Ultimate guitar has almost every song (I have weird music taste) and you can print off the tabs/chords off easily without having to sign up. Also, these are free unless you’re on the PRO setting. Pretty logic based. I also love it cause it has lots of different settings. Like auto-scroll. I love this one cause I can record without having to scroll. It helps me cause then I don’t have to edit.

BettyLouRS (not blocked by the school net, unlike ultimate guitar):

I like this website too, but the problem is, it doesn’t have an auto scroll setting like Ultimate Guitar does, which annoys me, but it prints in a cleaner format than Ultimate guitar, and all of the chords are super easy and simple, but not over simplified. Without a capo this can be very annoying though, sorry.

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