Planning and Preparations

My message is to show people that guitars can play a range of songs, so I’m choosing 1 – 2 from each genre to cover with vocals. I’m going to use no other instruments and just layer the guitar. I’m layering the tracks in GarageBand, which is a software on Apple devices. The only alteration I use is reverb. It just makes it have a louder, fuller sound.

I’m going to use my stratocaster electric guitar for all of these songs, maybe an acoustic if it seems necessary for the song. Stratocaster guitars can be changed into many different tones, allowing for more diverse playing. This is paired with an amp (mine is a Blackstar) and a capo (for transposing). Picks are not necessary here, fingers are fine. My electric stratocaster guitar looks like this:


I will be using my microphone for these. It’s an AT2020 USB microphone. USB microphones are compact and nice looking so I decided to get one. It was a good thing to get because it cuts out white noise and from reviews and my view it sounds like you’re right next to the person, it’s that clear. It connects to laptops and it looks like this:


I am so excited to record all of the covers! Stay tuned forΒ a list of all the songs and the genre they are from. I have more than 30+ songs, with 25+ genres! See you soon!

6 thoughts on “Planning and Preparations

  1. I too am excited by your project Joy! This sounds terrific! I cannot believe the knowledge that you have of these instruments at such a young age! Wow! And then to incorporate that in such a meaningful project for you is just awesome! I am looking forward to hearing about your successes with production. πŸ™‚

  2. That sounds so awesome! Are you going to compile the best into an album? 30 songs is a lot! I love your idea and your plan of attack. Could you please tell me one song? Pleeeeeaaasssseee?

    1. Glad you like my progress!
      Okaaayyyy. I’ll give you a few songs πŸ˜‰
      Rock : Oasis – Wonderwall
      Indie : Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
      Pop : Taylor Swift – Style

  3. Hi Joy,

    I like the photos you used so the audience (AKA me) know what the equipment and instruments you are going to use look like.

    I love how you have spread out the different genres of what you will be doing, like there is pop, rock and Indie as you mentioned to Emmy.

    Great Job πŸ™‚

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