Passion Project No. 3

Guitars. They can handle many types of music. Sure, a few come to mind instantly. Rock, country and pop, but they can do much more. Genres shouldn’t be boundaries for a guitars music playing abilities, nor should age or time. Different guitars make different sounds but any guitar can play any song to an extent. Not having an electric guitar shouldn’t restrict you to playing country and pop, you can play rock.

I believe that guitars are one of the best instruments to play for all ages. They are easy to transport and have lots of different rhythms you can play. From fingerpicking, chords, fret-tapping, whammy bars and muting there are many things you can do with a guitar.

Guitars come in many different types, believe it or not. There are 3 different types of acoustic guitar: classical (nylon strings), acoustic (steel strings) and the arch-top acoustic guitar. Below are all the types of guitars I know off the top of my head. Now there’s no excuse not to play a guitar. Ha. I own a acoustic classical and an stratocaster electric guitar.

Types of guitars:

  • Electric guitar
  • Acoustic guitar (3 types)
  • Double-necked guitar
  • Electro-acoustic guitar
  • Twelve-stringed guitar
  • Resonator guitar
  • Steel guitars
  • Archtop guitar
  • Bass guitars 

I want to show people that the electric guitar is an amazing instrument and sounds great in any genre. I encourage people to take up guitar. It’s an amazing instrument.

3 thoughts on “Passion Project No. 3

  1. HI Joy, I’m really looking forward to seeing your passion project! I really want to see how you plan to get your message across!
    Thanks, Abbi

  2. I love this project Joy. I cannot wait to hear more of your extraordinary talent on the electric guitar. Are you still planning to play a range of songs from different genres and create an album?
    This project is terrific! I am looking forward to seeing it progress. 🙂

  3. Hi Joy,
    I really like the idea of what you are doing for you passion project it is really creative, and I would never think of doing something like that!! I’m also really excited to here you play because the only time I have ever really heard you play was in music and it wasn’t even plugged in, so no sound was coming out!! Your outro is also very good and a great way to finished your post! Well done!!!

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