Choice Day

Choice day was extremely exciting! The point of choice day was to give everybody in primary more choice in what they learn. Here are the choices of activity that could’ve been chosen for your activity:

I did acting out. I loved acting, even though it was kind of terrifying being in front of a crowd, or even just 20 people… I can’t help it even though I love to act! It’s going to be so embarrassing watching it back… I did Acting Out and it was really fun. Following a criteria you did an act with about 4 other people from different grades, genders and ages. We made costumes in the Crafty Corner. You could choose from about 5 different acting scenario criteria. Our criteria/act was to “Tell A Story” and it’s about when the books disappear and everybody is required to act in the scene.

Our act was about the world banning books for being potentially harmful. It is a news report followed by court and the end of a news report. Books become illegal to possess. All books perish. It’s a comedy skit.

I learnt that drama can be fun even with younger people and adding voice/tone can really help the performance.


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