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Our brief was simply this. Geelong By Kids; For Kids. Be creative, use good editing and maybe we’ll feature your film. The brief was simple, but it was really informative. What was Geelong to us/kids? We need to show kids how fun Geelong is! Use interesting editing to hook in your audience. Remember, this is for kids, not the parents. We had to show people that Geelong is the place to be.

Research was next. It consisted of viewing existing promotion films on the website. These ran for no more that about 1:30, so that became the time criteria for us. No longer than 90 seconds. Their film clips ranged in levels, views and shots. They all lasted no longer than about 6 seconds, so this became criteria, too.

So, our criteria for the films were…

  • No longer than 90 seconds long
  • Clips shorter than usual (no more than 6 secs)
  • Be creative with editing choices
  • Make it fun
  • Geelong By Kids; For Kids

We went to these places and the vibe I was going for each:

  • 6A: SupaTramp (Fun, active, fast-paced)
  • 6A: Torquay (Relaxed, beach, surf)
  • 6B: Balyang Sanctuary (Family, fun)
  • 6B: Leisurelink (Fun, active, upbeat)
  • 6C: Eastern Beach (Family, fun, active, hangout)

My partner was Abbi and we basically just made the shot list together and filmed together on the day. Our crew was Jesse Mc, Reuben, Harry Sad and Lukas. We just shared film that we took to use in our film. We can’t be in 6 places at once, so we share footage. This is why it’s important to plan, 5 other people are using your footage, not just you.

Our locations (6B) as I stated were Balyang Sanctuary and Leisurelink. We were now at filming at this point. We overshoot so that people can choose their pick of the golden moments that they want. Golden moments are basically the moments that are really good.

We only kept the footage that had golden moments during culling/converting. We had to convert all of our footage because it was either shot with a DLSR or a GoPro which do not automatically record as .mp4. We need .mp4 footage because Corel doesn’t take any other type that I know of. I used iMovie, and it works best with .mp4 footage. iMovie also uses .vlc files.

I edited with iMovie because the program runs smoother when doing in app playback. It takes .vlc files pretty smooth too. I also used it because it has easier access to spilt screens and layering. The saturation dial is very precise, and colouring looks realistic. I am also very familiar with it. If I wanted to do my best, I wanted to be familiar with the program. Also, my school laptop was having space/storage issues.

I used the effects:

  • Split-screen (half screen)
  • Dissolve transition (just fading into each clip to make it less choppy)
  • Picture in picture (layering film)

My feedback was better than before, mainly in the area for music. I didn’t change the music, but it got higher ranks. I’m not sure why that happened. The only thing I changed prior to second feedback was my clip timing and the SupaTramp footage. I changed the clip timing to add in the SupaTramp footage. Enough said.


2 thoughts on “Promotion Film Reflection

  1. hi joy, this is a good blog post. I really like they way to described the brief. But you could of added in your final promo film and images of the feedback form, but other than that, it was good!
    Thanks, Abbi

  2. Your film is excellent Joy! It is fun and truly captures Geelong by kids for the client. Your incorporated some great editing techniques of split screens and timelapse. You also incorporated the use of go pro footage. Your film has an excellent structure and tells a great story. Great work!

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