Finally Complete

Completed! Finally done… For now.

Now I can breathe easy, for now anyway. Everybody should be very proud of their Passion Projects. They’re all amazing. I’m not just saying that. Most of these are things that I can’t do very well. I think everybody should be proud to share something that they love, at least.

I think my voice sounds terrible in most of them, I think my voice sounds better in my head, haha. I’m delusional. I have a shedding guitar solo on guitar so maybe I should more away from singing? Anyways, Emmy sounded perfect though! She’s always doing singing solos and such, I wish I had the confidence to. In a way, I wish I was like her. Great work Emmy! Continue being you, cause you’re perfect that way!

Emmy and our album ended up having 5 originals and 1 cover. Two written by me, three written by amazing Emmy and the cover was Riptide – Vance Joy. My favourite that was recorded was Riptide. Even though it was a cover, I think it was nice. We were both singing in it. It was a collaboration. It’s the first time I’ve ever recorded a collaboration and I learnt a lot.Β 

It was really hectic and I think I could’ve done some things better:

  • Audio quality: For a few songs it sounded almost muted after rendering. I wonder whether it was my headphones being used to listen back or the actual process itself but I will use a full microphone set next time. No matter how long it takes. I want to invest in a good microphone at least. I think it would make the audio sound crisper and I wouldn’t need to spend a long time trying to filter through the audio waves correcting the sound levels. With some microphones it does it automatically. Or auto-magically, I have no idea how it happens.
  • Guitar: Maybe my guitar could have been amped up (acoustic). There are acoustic pickups available at the store, Oxygen Music. If you were wondering, that’s where I buy all my music books and stuff. I might get a new acoustic guitar, like the one in the Year 6 classroom. It has a built in tuner, which would be good for tuning on the spot. Also, it has a amp slot (near the bottom) and it’s picks it up through an amp (which I already have for my electric guitar) so it would be convenient. It’s a little bit of a shame having the Year 6 guitar just sitting there most of the time. Oh! Or we could make big group bands and have a battle of the bands one night in the hall! Woah. Then if people didn’t want to participate in bands then we could let them take their film-making talents further by learning how to lip-sync and adapt audio. Photographers could take pictures, if wanted. We could commentators and presenters for people wanting to and then people learning how to use the stage effects. It could be like a choice thing. What was I talking about? Oh, hehe the guitar. I need to buy some sort of adapter. It sounds better if I do.



20 thoughts on “Finally Complete

  1. HEY JOY + EMMY!, Good job! Your voices are so awesome! You guys must be extremely brave to share all that with the class – you guys are people to be admired! Thanks, Abbi

    1. Thanks Abbi. You’re always there when I need somebody to help me calm down in anxious times! Your passion project was cool and delicious! Good Job! πŸ™‚

  2. HI Joy,
    I love blog post it is really detailed, but I think you and Emmy are both amazing singers and don’t doubt yourself. ???

  3. Hey Joy,
    I loved the way that you presented and problem solved as you went along. i loved how you made an album not just listened to the songs. i loved the creativity that you used with your album cover. maybe next time you could perform it to the class?

    1. Thanks Lil! I’m not really sure about performing to the class, maybe another cover of another song? Have any suggestions? xx

  4. Hi Joy,

    Great Job, very original idea. Make sure the audio is clear though. Sometimes the lyric book’s pages were slightly tilted. Your songs were fantastic. Well Done.

    Thanks Jasi

    1. Hi Jasmine! The speakers on the computer are not the best, the audio sounds better through proper speakers. We couldn’t afford to do that today though, sorry. Glad you enjoyed them πŸ˜€

  5. Hello Joy,
    I like how you made your own cd album and your own songs. But maybe next time you could decorate your CD because it looked a bit plain and it only had two words on it. But i liked how you structered your album cover.

  6. I just wanted to say what a magnificent job of your Passion Project you have done this term. It is evident that you spent a lot of time perfecting your CD as it is absolutely terrific! Your audience have loved it! I really like the originality of your songs, the structure of your album cover and the extra detail of the added lyrics and imagery. It is absolutely stunning and you have done a magnificent job! You have so much talent!!

    Well done on your excellent work Joy! I can’t wait to see what you do next term. 

  7. What a great idea of making an album. Good job! I loved the covers and the thank you’s. Just like an actual album. Well, it is an actual album. But like… the ones you can sell. In fact, you could sell some…

  8. Hi Emmy and Joy,
    Wow, this Passion Project looked like a LOT of hard work! I understand that some of the audio was hard to hear, because I know that you did some at your house. The songs are AMAZING! You two did such amazing jobs, and your voices are incredible! Great Job!

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