Greece: Culture, Religion, Beliefs and Social Behaviours

Modern Greek Culture

I chose Greece because I have some friends from Greece and I wanted to understand where they come from. I thought it would be a good way to start a conversation with them. Also, the olympics recently ended, and they started in Olympia, Greece. So, here is my RVE post about Greece, the differences between Australia and Greece and the similarities. Please read on.

The similarities:

  1. Tourist Destinations: Both countries attract many local and international tourists every year, close to millions even. They have lots of attractions. They both have lots to boast for and both countries are quite beautiful.

An attraction that Greece has: 

Syntagma Square – central square in Athens, Greece. Built in the 19th century. Underneath the marble streets there is Syntagma metro stations. There are hotels and shopping places. It has Hadrian’s library, Phyx, Philopappos Monument and so many more historical items and buildings within walking distance. 

An attraction that Australia has:

Beaches – Australia’s beaches really attract a lot of visitors. We are a nation surrounded by sea and we have many beaches great for surfing, swimming or just even hanging out, shopping or eating out. From beautiful soft white beaches (Whitehaven Beach, sand is actually silica so it’s soft.. visit this place!), pristine shorelines, wildlife, blue water and surf destinations.

The most famous beaches are…

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney
  • Lizard Island, OLD
  • Byron Bay Beach, NSW
  • Wineglass Bay, Tasmainia
  • Mandalay Beach, WA
  • 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, OLD
  • Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast, OLD
  • Burleigh Heads Beach, OLD
  • Cable Beach, WA
  • Whitehaven Beach, OLD

The differences:

  1. Language: Their primary language is Greek (10.7 million speak it in Greece), and ours is English (76.8% speak only english fluently). Obviously, we do not speak Greek as our first language, or know lots of people that do that live or were born here. 
  2. Population: Australia has 23.13 million, while Greece has 11.03 million. We have over double the population of Greece, but that is reasonable, we are basically a continent and they are a country. 


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