Who/What am I?

Book week is so exciting!

I love seeing everybody’s costumes and everybody getting into character. I like hearing about all these books this week too. This years winner was “Flight” by

So, heres a little quiz for you to solve about books…

Can you guess my character??

  1. The character is from a picture book published by the author Jackie French in 2002 and illustrated by Bruce Whatley.
  2. It got an award for the ALA Notable Children’s Books.
  3. The book is about a native Australian animal that is brown, lives in burrows, short-legged (like me..), muscly, 1m in length and have short stubby tails! They are very strong and are very profuse diggers. Their burrows can be 30m+ long! They are mammals, marsupials, and there are two types. Bare-nosed and hairy-nosed. Both are utterly adorable. Most Australians have actually never seen a wild ______, but I have! They are so stubby and cute. Like little poof balls. _____ are an endangered species. They are only native to Australia.
  4. The animal in the book to eat not only roots, but carrots, trash and doormats.
  5. There are five books I know of about school, babies, christmas, normal life and races.
  6. The book consists of a diary of a _______.
  7. The animal basically just eats, scratches, sleeps and takes dust bathes.
  8. The animal can be light brown, brown, dark brown and black.

11 thoughts on “Who/What am I?

  1. HI JOY, As soon as you said Jackie French and Bruce Whatley, I knew it was Diary of a wombat!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks, Abbi

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