Book Week 2016

Book week again! I love seeing all of the costumes and smiles, I guess it’s all part of the week. Well, my favourite part if the week for me. Everybody getting into character is one of the funniest things too! It’s a great memory also, I love getting together and planning ours.

Let’s not forget about the books though, it’s Book Week remember!!        🙂

My favourite book from my childhood is Diary Of A Wombat by Jackie French!

I remember in Junior School (once called Campbell House when I was there) we would have Library every week. I remember lucidly we read it three times in a year once, not including the sequels of this book. Gosh, it’s been so long. If anybody was here since Junior School, please comment your favourite library book reading, or the one you remember.

I also love the simplicity, it makes it funny and lighthearted. I like reading it to my sister, she learnt all the words in the book in a week. That’s how simple it is to understand. Also, the illustrations are so adorable, little wombat are cute in real life too, though! My grandma used to read it to me too when I borrowed it from the library, I used to live with her, I did all my life almost. She passed away two years ago so it’s a good memory for me.

I first heard the book when it was read to me when I borrowed it the first term from the library. My grandma read it to me. It made me laugh so much because there is one occurring sentence that we all do, maybe not as much as the wombat but whatever. A wombat shall do what a wombat shall do! If you remember the book you will know what I am talking about.

My favourite character is…. *coughs for effect* DA DA DA DAH! The dopey wombat.

It made me feel so lighthearted when reading it. It was so much fun this book!

Please comment!

3 thoughts on “Book Week 2016

  1. OK, I will comment. Speaking of costumes. I have no idea what I’m going to be. Oh well. Diary of a wombat. Ah, yes. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t read that book yet. It’s really interesting isn’t it. Nice descriptive post Joy. Good work! Make sure there’s a image to engage the readers a bit more yeah?

  2. Hi Joy, what a fantastic blog post. I love Jackie French’s books. She writes for people of all ages. Well done
    Thanks Jasi

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