Watching Words


Words are everywhere and they are an important part in out lives! I think they are the most important part of our lives in school. Words are our speech and our writing. Without words we would be mimes, using body language and symbols as communication. Words are language. We owe lots of our daily contact to words.

My book is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This is only an evaluation of the first book.

Character Words:

Brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

One way Katniss showed this was when she volunteered for the games in her sister’s place. She has 1/24 chance that she will not die, so it’s basically a death sentence. She is only a young adult, so this is very special. Even if she was just being kind, she was being brave. The ultimate sacrifice.

Foolish: lacking good sense or judgment; unwise.

She did sacrifice for her district, but some people she was foolish. They see it as she was saying life was something not valuable or she was toying with fate. They believe that she was toying with fate or she was giving away life.

“Katniss showed bravery through what was deemed as a death sentence by all commoners. Some thought she was foolish, most thought she was brave.”

Action Words:

Silently: making no sound; quiet; still: refraining from speech

Katniss was moving silently through the forest to avoid danger in the games. About 16 contestants had already died, she was cautious for her life. She was determined to win. District 1 and 2 were dominating in a team but she was by herself. Her boy acquaintance, Peeta Mellark, was not dead, but somewhere else unknown to her at the time. 

“Katniss was moving swiftly but silently through the dense cover of the forest. She was up to her neck in opponents and she would be choked any second now.”

Setting Words:

Bland: lacking in special interest, liveliness, individuality, etc.; insipid; dull

The place she grew up in, District 12, is very poor and mundane. It mines coal and nothing very exciting happens. Nothing exciting happens, only tragedies. Her father died in a mining accident when she was young.

“Her district was bland.”

Feeling Words:
Endangered: threatened with a danger: scared

She felt endangered in the games, there were only a few left after the first night alone. It was her and Peeta, and a bunch of threats.

“She felt endangered. The berries had almost killed her and her opponents were running after her.”



  1. Mundane: Bland, boring, plain, unexciting. “Rey’s life was mundane.”
  2. Misanthropy: Somebody who has hatred to people in general. “Rey had misanthropy from the abuse as a child. He could never forgive them so easily, most people were cruel.”
  3. Lucid: transparently clear; easily understandable. “Rey’s speech was fluent and lucid, something beautiful.”



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