Building Views || Maths300

Building Views

Building views is a Math activity that involves mostly visualisation. We did it with actual blocks and on Maths3oo. The main difference between Maths300 and actual cubes is that with cubes you had to find the maximum and minimum, meanwhile the Maths300 is just asking for numbers on the plot. This activity is helping you be aware of space and depth. It is about visualising levels of blocks/cubes and stacking them to create levels. Kind of like the buildings in the CBD with the levels, unlike France where they have a limit of how high they can actually build. We placed them on the 4×4 plains, having 16 square foundation blocks. Here are examples of what I have said:Capture

There are numbers inside signifying how high that tower stacks. One level/number is one cube in the stack. So, if it was in the front view in the 4×4 with the numbers, 3, 1, 4, 2, the front view would be this (right).

It would look like this when build with physical cubes on a 4×4 or on Maths300.

My biggest challenge was probably getting the minimums on the Task 1 sheet.

Task 1/Actual Cubes:

Task 1 was basically making us aware of space and making us ready for Task 2. We had to find the maximum and minimum of the blocks we can use to result in the same views from the side and the front. Then you write the maximum and the minimum of blocks you can use without changing the views. The trick with the minimum was to share views where the height was the same with the towers needed and not overpowering another smaller tower. 

Task 2/Maths300:

So with this task you had to find out the towers on the grid and document them . The trick with this one is to find the smallest tower in the view and document it in the grid. Then you press check. It says where you have missed spots and where you are spot on. If you can see some behind, position them where you think they would fit. Then you press check. I didn’t use x-ray very much, but it reveals the behind blocks if there are any. It makes it very easy. Here is an example of finished ones:

Screenshot (10) Screenshot (9)

Another Passion Project!

Time has come again this year for another batch of Passion Projects.

Although my new P.P. doesn’t differ much from my first one, I am sure to do it right. I am partnered up with Emmy to make an EP w/ covers. Emmy is an amazing person, plus she plays instruments and can sing great! I don’t know many things Emmy can’t do honestly.

Nothing is set in stone yet with song choices and covers. It depends with time, effort and how much time Emmy and I have together. The genre of the album is unknown. Emmy is going to play instruments/sing and song-write some songs and I play instruments/sing and song-write some songs and edit/mix.

The purpose of this project is to share passions. Of course, I have already shared this (to a certain extent) but honestly I really like this. Also, by having a partner, we have more lyric ideas and things (like instruments) to work with. My dream is to make my passion/s a reality.

I am communicating how music can have many different topics and how music can help people cope with things such as grief and depression.

Our songs are for anyone over 8yrs of age because it takes a bit to appreciate our work, I guess.

I am looking forward to recording and sharing… and not losing my project.

Author Intent

Wonder – R.J.Palacio

The message of this book is to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. If you have not read this book there are major spoilers in the post. Skip the bold italics part if you don’t want spoilers.

The main character, August, was born with a facial abnormality. He gets bullied and put-down for his looks, and his favourite day is not his birthday, it’s Halloween, where he can hide his face. His “best-friend” was bullying him behind his back and was actually assigned to playing with him. His two real best friends moved away from him when he was young to different states in the USA. His old, rescued, beloved dog, Daisy, dies. He thinks his sister is embarrassed of him. He’s had quite a few surgeries.

Pretty hard life, huh?

So. August is amazing. Having so many hardships and still being open to people. R.J.Palacio is a great author. It’s really great how she made the character so in depth and so touching.

He was born with “small anomalies” which basically means when he was being created his face was deformed. He gets bullied for something he was born with, which I think is so terrible. He hasn’t given up. He studies and stays strong. Even without many people in his life he still is a great person.

Here is a prime examples of August’s maturity and understanding of life (he’s supposed to be our age.): “The only reason why I’m not ordinary is because nobody sees me that way.” And “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”

My favourite quote of this book is about his sister when she was born:

“Fate smiled and destiny laughed as she came into my cradle.”

Word Study:

  1. Yearn: To want something badly. “Eva yearned for friendships.”
  2. Xenophobia: Fear of strangers or foreigners. “August has Xenophobia. Leave him be!”
  3. Vermillion: Vivid red/orange colour: “Eva’s bag was vermillion.”
  4. Quixotic: Not sensible in practical matters: “James was quixotic”

Term Three Goals

Ah. It’s nice to be back at school with my fellow classmates and friends, but here comes a reading blog, which comes in the inevitable package that is school. Even so, I love learning new things, even if it tires me out. Here are some goals I want to achieve in Term 3.

Q1 What reading genres do you want to read?

A1 – I want to read some free-verse poems. I feel like it would help my writing by reading popular ones. It would be good to find great topics for my audience, not just diary entries that I’ve done. It could steer me away from writing depressing things. I hope so, but it’s easy to write that way, I guess. I hope I can write something that connects with people on a way personal level, without saying sad things. Maybe love or miracles? I dunno. If you have any ideas on personal topics and can comment them, please do! Thanks 🙂

Q2 – What reading routine will you follow this term?

A2 – I will try to read more. I already read quite often. About twice a week scheduled. Whether it’s a magazine, series of small stories or a novel. I think I will try to read 3 times a week, it will give me a new vocabulary of words. I need a new metaphor ideas. I want to make a slam poem like the one called: “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan (amazing poet). Search it up on YouTube it has an extremely emotional and beautiful clip too. I cried. Who am I kidding? I cried my eyes out at this spoken word poem. I want to influence people. My favourite lines from that poem are (BASICALLY EVERYTHING.):

  1. “To this day he is a stick of TNT lit from both ends, could describe in detail the way the sky bends and the moment it’s about to fall.”
  2. “He was three when he became a mixed drink of one part left alone and two parts tragedy.”
  3. “Started therapy in 8th grade. Had a personality made up of tests and pills. Lived like the uphills were mountains and the downhills were cliffs, four-fifths suicidal, a tidal wave of anti-depressants.”
  4. “One part because of the pills, nine parts because of the cruelty.”
  5. “Juggling depression and loneliness, playing solitaire, spin the bottle; trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal.”

Q3 – Other reading goals?

A3 – Read a 70+ page non-fiction book about something… human body, cars, music, aviation or something or other. I usually do read non-fiction, because it’s not fiction (although I do love my fiction!) and you get something out of it for studies/school. I guess I just do it to kill time and to learn. I get curious sometimes and when I do it gets a little crazy. Even if I have nothing to do with the subject of matter… They say that reading fiction helps sympathy but I’m already a cry-baby when it comes to touchy subjects.

Word Study – Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak

Remotely (adverb) – 

  1. To be far away, at a distance, without physical contact. “His house was remotely placed in the countryside, he had nobody left to see anyway.”
  2. In the slightest degree. “Marie never felt remotely happy in her last year of highschool.”

Bizarre –

  1. Strange or weird. “Katie was bizarre. She liked spicy things.”

Ditch –

  1. To leave something/someone. “Catrina was ditched for soccer but she liked tennis better.”
  2. A deep hole/trench. “Catrina fell in a ditch and broke her leg.”