Producing songs is hard work!

Hi viewers!

My passion project is to make a small EP with four songs.

The song titles are yet to be revealed! Average time – 3 mins per song.

Producing Equipment:
MacBook Pro 2012 OSX 11.9.0 (microphone for vocals and acoustic guitar; surprising very good quality)

Ashton Acoustic Guitar (no amp plug but great sound range)

Monterey (not sure about brand) Electric Guitar (best sound, contemporary, five tones on guitar)

Blackstar 40watts guitar amp (7 tones)

Garageband MacBook Version

Here are the steps I take to record songs:

  1. I make the backtracking first so that most of the work is done. I use my guitar for most of them and layer three tracks. I always have to spilt them and edit the tone and speed of the guitars. This is very time consuming I have taken 5 weeks on a single backtrack.
  2. I record claps and accents. They enhance the songs greatly. They help keep the beat and rhythm. The bass is the best.
  3. I then record the vocals. These have to be the main focus. They have to be pristine for viewers to like the content.




One thought on “Producing songs is hard work!

  1. I have learnt so much by reading your posts Joy. I would love for you to teach me some of the editing software that you use on your MacBook. This is the same program that Nick used last year to produce his music also. I think he is pretty impressed with your Passion Project … says that you have ‘learnt from the best’ … 🙂

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