Poetry is my personal favourite form of writing. It seems to be so pretty and beautiful. There’s no limits to the amounts of metaphors you can make when you think. It’s quite amazing hot beautiful our words can be. We just have to be careful to taste them before we spit them out.

I made these poems. I did my poems on a character from Paper Towns – John Green. I did three on events in the story. I really love this book. If you have some time, it is a must read 🙂 All of these poems are from Quentin’s perspective.

“Her name is Margo.”

I was so lucky

To live across the street

Of a goddess

That I adore

I lived there

For many years

Yearning for her love

But she was always out pulling pranks

That sly vixen

That night owl

She had mystery in her lungs

And mischief in her smile

And her blue eyes

Were my summer skies

“I need a favour, Quentin

I didn’t know whether it was a mirage or not

I couldn’t tell

But she was sitting in my room

With the light of the moon

And she was asking of a favour

It was a surprise

But I didn’t mind

Because I loved her so

But we spent all night 

Roaming the streets

And pranking all who seemed to miss karma

Then when they were done

She told him about how she never wanted to be found

In a paper town

“Paper Towns”

Suddenly she disappeared

She didn’t tell anybody about her escape

But Quentin knew she loved mysteries

So he kept his eyes open

For things she had left

A pin on an opened map 

In her room

He recalls

Her saying about a paper town

He wasn’t ready to let her go

So he went to find her

Down the highway with his friends

They try to find Margo

Please stay tuned for more on my Passion Project and other updates 😉


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  1. Amazing job Joy! I love how you included three poems for this post. They all linked together quite well. ?

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