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Our shape animations were so fun to make. They were really fun to make because we had so many ideas. The task was to have a 3D shape and make a storyline that involves that shape. It has to be involved in the story and have facts about the shape. I think this was really cool because we were using teamwork and practicing using shot-lists. My group used a triangular prism and used glue sticks as bases for the polymer clay. I think our set, lighting and our figures were our best assets. We took more than 30 photos that were usable and 60+ that were flops. We used a DSLR with a clicker to take the photos and used one lamp for a light source. I made the set, did all editing and Mrs. Elmer, Evie did the storyboard and did lighting and Milly did photos and made Mr. Elmer

Our storyline had 5 characters and had one small set. The set was made of cardboard, polymer (oven-bake) clay and paper. It was glued together. It was a lakeside campsite. Our shape (triangular prism) was turned into a tent.

The story was two glue-stick people go camping. They set up everything and are having fun. They are near a lake and have a fire set up for when night falls. They decide to go fishing in the lake nearby. It isn’t long before the snake-man finds the tent and destroys it with his cat and his mutant hamster sausage dog. Mrs. Purple Glue and Mr. Blue Glue soon return and find their tent disassembled and get sad. That concludes what it basically is.

Our characters are…

  • Mr. Blue Elmer
  • Mrs. Purple Elmer
  • Snake man
  • Cat
  • Giant hamster sausage dog

I learnt that I need to plan more if I’m going to make a great film and also that I have an audience. It can’t just be for what I can see, I need to have opinions and be super critical of myself. I need to work for what people would like but also be creative and try different things.

We did really great on our lighting, set, storyline and our figures. The lighting was consistent, our set was very simple and suited our other elements, our storyline may be short but entertaining, and our figures suit the theme.

I loved doing this project because I had lots of fun and learnt lots about our shape of choice.

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