Lightning Premiership – Win

I did Volleystars for my winter sport. I was in a team of 12. We placed 1st place in the competition. We played against Montpellier, Kardinia, Christian College and (I forgot whether or not) Chilwell. I really like my team cause we all work together really well. I wish there was more running though. Everyone had loads of fun during this event and I bet if we did it again everyone would be more confident and have more strengths like passing, serving, tapping. Things like that. I like Lightning Premiers.

5 thoughts on “Lightning Premiership – Win

  1. It was a really cool time and I hope you had fun Joy! It was a bit annoying how they made it so we had to pass the ball three times and straight away tap it over….We didn’t know we had to do that

    1. Yeah well we won regardless and we had never practiced with everyone in one team before! Well done to you Mikayla because you can literally serve the ball so high it goes to the gym’s roof and hits it! That was funny. Great job on a great win! 🙂 😛 :3

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