The Disappearance of The Drone // Trailer

Mysteries happen everywhere in the world. Sea, land or air. There are many things science cannot explain. Here is a mystery that we came up with (my group and I).

First we discussed with everyone about different well-known mysteries and theories that are unexplained to science to this very day. We discussed The Loch Ness Monster, The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis and other mysteries. The task was to get into groups. My group is Sophie, Angus, Sergej and I. We came up with many different mysteries but settled on a drone that went mysteriously missing while being flown by a student. The film needed to be 20 – 30 seconds long and not give too much away about our mystery. We also had to convince people that this is real. We needed good background music to set the mood. We could either have four photos or one picture and one video.

We needed to create a trailer for a film. Here are the stats for our film/trailer:

Duration: 32 seconds

Music: Illuminati Conspiracy Background

Picture: Illuminati Symbol

Editor: Angus

Actors: Angus, Sophie and I

Camera (Canon) : Sergej


This was so fun. We did disagree at times but it turned out okay.

I learnt how to position a camera from different angles and use them. I learnt that having natural movements/no tripod gives it an authentic look if your doing a POV (point of view). I hope we have more activities like this.

The Actual Trailer:






4 thoughts on “The Disappearance of The Drone // Trailer

  1. Hi Joy,
    This is an excellent blog post, but I was wondering if you’re going to put your film up on a different post or you’re going to add it soon…

  2. Wow Joy great film where you guys allowed to use the drone or did you take a photo and a teacher flew it?

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