Powerful Sentences

My book of choice is “Zac & Mia”. It’s about two Australian teenagers who have cancer. The end up as hospital ward neighbours. He learns her blearing music or her foul mouth can’t stop them from thinking about each other even when they’re away. In his time of treatment for leukaemia, this was the first time he met a girl his age in this hospital with cancer. Zac’s cancer is more serious than Mia’s.  The book is powerful altogether I think and so far I would rate it a 9/10 but I have not finished.

“It’s funny how the brain does things like that. Your whole world is getting sucked up and tossed around and the best you can do is fixate on something small and unexpected.” – Zac Meier / A.J.Betts / Zac & Mia

I think this is a very moving and powerful if you think. He is getting better from a bone-marrow transplant that could save his life and he has undergone chemo and other things. He is stuck in this empty room filled with the smell of hand sanitiser and the worst part is when you hear someone has passed away. It would crush him. He had to leave all his friends, not conclude year 12 and under go all this. It’s like saying all he wants are the simple things.

The other way I came up with to say this:

Abstract and unplanned things are usually my point of interest. I’m sick of all this pain and this puts my mind into a daydream.

“At some point, you gotta stop looking at the sky, or one of these days you’ll look back down and see that you floated away, too.” – Paper Towns / John Green

I couldn’t choose between these two. I like this book also. There are lots of sites where you can find information about the book “Paper Towns” by John Green because it’s very popular. It’s a young adult book. I think it would be a great read for anyone but John Green has a stereotype for all of his characters. He may be good at writing but all of his characters are the same. Sometimes I think the girl protagonist is someone he loved when he was growing up or loves now.

I think this line is very powerful because it’s saying stop daydreaming, go have a little fun. Being happy is better than wanting to stop your death. You’ll find that you wasted your life, over something so bitter and annoying rather than having lived wild and reckless. I’d rather be wild as a storm than someone who has a plastic heart anyway.

The other way that I came up with for saying this would be:

Why are you just staring up at those clouds? Couldn’t you use your life, run reckless? Cause someday you’ll be up there, just wait; it’s something you can’t escape. We are born to live, not to wait for our stupid deaths.


Lightning Premiership – Win

I did Volleystars for my winter sport. I was in a team of 12. We placed 1st place in the competition. We played against Montpellier, Kardinia, Christian College and (I forgot whether or not) Chilwell. I really like my team cause we all work together really well. I wish there was more running though. Everyone had loads of fun during this event and I bet if we did it again everyone would be more confident and have more strengths like passing, serving, tapping. Things like that. I like Lightning Premiers.

Term 2 Reading Goals

What genres would you like to explore this term and why?

My goal this term for genre is to read some happy, comedy books. I tend to read very emotional, sobering and sad novels. I guess I just like them because of the feelings I get. I am also often told that I should read comedy not books that involve death, disappearance and sadness. I also read quite a few mystery books and liked them but never really went back. I plan on reading one of those too. I will read a fantasy book too, but the reason why I never really did before is the fact that things that aren’t real are things that always reoccur in almost every fantasy. Like magic and myths but I want to try it out again.

The genres I want to read this term:

  • Mystery
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy

What reading routine will you follow this term?

I want to read every night but sometimes I don’t have time so three times a week (out of school) in large parts. I will just increase the amount of pages I read if I miss one reading session.

How do you find out about new books?

I usually just search shelves in genres and ask for recommendations. Maybe see if an author you like has more books.

How many Reading Rants will you aim to complete?

About four a week, maybe five depending on how many books I read over this time.

How can you improve as a blogger about your reading?

Remember to add photos and always get my work in early.

The Disappearance of The Drone // Trailer

Mysteries happen everywhere in the world. Sea, land or air. There are many things science cannot explain. Here is a mystery that we came up with (my group and I).

First we discussed with everyone about different well-known mysteries and theories that are unexplained to science to this very day. We discussed The Loch Ness Monster, The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis and other mysteries. The task was to get into groups. My group is Sophie, Angus, Sergej and I. We came up with many different mysteries but settled on a drone that went mysteriously missing while being flown by a student. The film needed to be 20 – 30 seconds long and not give too much away about our mystery. We also had to convince people that this is real. We needed good background music to set the mood. We could either have four photos or one picture and one video.

We needed to create a trailer for a film. Here are the stats for our film/trailer:

Duration: 32 seconds

Music: Illuminati Conspiracy Background

Picture: Illuminati Symbol

Editor: Angus

Actors: Angus, Sophie and I

Camera (Canon) : Sergej


This was so fun. We did disagree at times but it turned out okay.

I learnt how to position a camera from different angles and use them. I learnt that having natural movements/no tripod gives it an authentic look if your doing a POV (point of view). I hope we have more activities like this.

The Actual Trailer: