Cross Country 2016

Cross Country was an absolute blast! It was a great day and the weather was fairly okay with highs of 30 degrees+. The 12/13 girls ran 3km and ran last in the roster. All primaries were scheduled to run on Thursday.  We all got icy-poles if we finished the race. It was really fun to see everyone having fun while exercising. I’m in the house Helicon and we won with 600+ points from all our good efforts. I might post some pictures soon.

Helicon was victorious 🙂

Great Job everyone on your efforts for yesterdays great run. I hope everyone had loads of fun. Good luck at our next house event, House Music!


6 thoughts on “Cross Country 2016

  1. I love the detail you’ve put in Joy! I know you probably don’t have many pictures, but when you do, I’d love to see one! You were amazing. Did you find it difficult at all?

    1. Thank you Emmy. I really hope I can pull up some photos from this really fun event. You did really good too Emmy ?. I did struggle a bit but I liked doing it. 🙂 😛

  2. Good job Joy! I really like how you included the next house competition. I didn’t know that house music was the next house competition, and I am really glad to know what it is now. ? GO HELICON!

  3. Nice post Joy, I’m very unhappy that Helicon won?. But good job anyway, I loved the icy-poles, I never get them in my old school! 3 kms is a lot for me!

    1. Hi Steven, I’m really happy that Helicon won. I think Minerva did good too. The icy-poles were the best! We used to have them more on Athletics day in Junior School though. 🙂

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