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The Hunger Games // Book I Setting Analysis

In the near future, the nation of Panem (North America), 12 districts set forth a male and a female from the ages 12 – 18 for ‘The Hunger Games’. A harsh reminder and punishment of the residue of war that happened between them.


They are forced to travel to the Capitol. These 12 districts supply the Capitol, the rich people hub. The games take place in the Capitol, in an arena that is controlled by the Gamemakers’, administrations of the game and the government. The arena has a dome around it and the weather, terrain, temperature, area, barriers, natural disasters, plants, and time can change in a blink of an eye (this only applies in the domes field). The controllers can also send in weird animals such as mutated wolves. The atmosphere in the arena is very dramatic, harsh, sad and very brutal. The people there are very posh and wear very weird makeup combinations and have certain luxuries such as T.Vs, really good food, expensive houses, grand outfits. Usually people of high social standing live here. The government is situated here. They usually treat The Hunger Games as a fun T.V. show because it’s broadcasted on almost every T.V. in Panem. People in the Capitol do not take part in the games but do things like change the terrain in the arena with high-tech gadgets. ¬†


The main protagonist; Katniss Everdeen was born in district 12. District Twelve is very, very poor. It’s the coal mining district. Her father died in a mining accident. District Twelve is also very commonly looked down upon by some of the other districts (usually one and two) and the Capitol. Most people compare the Capitol’s wealth and fame to District Twelve’s poverty and starvation. Katniss’ district is surrounded by a large wire fence that keeps the people from the forest. She says once “District Twelve; where you can starve to death in safety”. She is talented in Archery and uses her dad’s bows to hunt. It’s illegal for Katniss to use weapons like this by law, but she needs it to support her family. The law is very strict in Panem. There is a part of the town called ‘The Hob’ which is a black market. She trades her kills for strawberries and other things. Sometimes she just simply sells them.


It is very dramatic in there because in most circumstances only one out of twenty-four tributes survive and they get lots of luxuries. Some of the less poor districts have been training their whole life to win in the arena. Thats why the poorer districts usually don’t win often. The Gamemakers’ can also genetically mutate the creatures they put in. They can make wolves musclier, stronger and three times their size! They have a canon and at every nightfall and the number of times the canon sounds, is how many people have died that day.


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  1. Amazing analysis Joy!??? Only one thing missing… A PICTURE!!!! But I love the description that you put into this post!

  2. Nice job Joy!! But like Mikayla said add a image. I know you’ve said you couldn’t add it but maybe trying at school it might work! Thanks

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