Plot Analysis

My Life As An Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg 

Please don’t read if you don’t want slight spoilers.

Candice Phee is a girl living in the small town in Queensland, Australia called Albright. She’s a very unique twelve year old who likes to write pen-pal letters to her American penpal Denille, (who hasn’t replied once), has a pet fish called Earth-pig fish (who she and her Rich Uncle Brian won at a fair) and her best friend Douglas Benson From Another Dimension. She loves to make everyone happy and loves to fix everyone who’s broken inside. She is very, very honest and sometimes un-noticeably rude… But her intentions are the best from her surroundings. She has dark, ‘dirty’ blonde hair with freckles all over her body. She has no other siblings, an only child, but her mother is still saddened about her younger sister Sky’s cot death. Her father and his brother (Rich Uncle Brian) don’t get along. Her only friend Douglas thinks he was born in another dimension but is stuck in her world. He has also fallen hopelessly in love with Candice, and asks her to go back with him (which doesn’t end like he planned). He thinks jumping from a tree will take him back to his ‘space parents’ . He got injured but apparently it worked perfectly but he came back for Candice. Candice is scared of heights so he’s finding a way to get her back without heights After his recovery she finally got her pen-pals first letter. After her 21+ pileup of previously unread ones and Douglas cheesy love remarks..


12 thoughts on “Plot Analysis

  1. This is a descriptive and engaging blog post Joy. Is it finished? It just looks like it stops all of a sudden.

    1. Yes. This is basically the end of the story, but I really want Barry Jonsberg to write a sequel to this book. It would be very interesting book leading on from where it stopped.

  2. I’m currently reading this book to and think it’s very interesting. Iv’e only got up to letter F and already really love it. I think you really captured the story but I would like a bit more information about her parents. But other than that it’s an awesome analysis!

    1. I’ll take that into consideration. I personally agree also Mikayla. Who’s your favourite character and why? Thanks for your reply.

  3. Nice job Joy! It sounds really interesting. Just curious, who would you recommend the book to and what would you rate the book out of 10?

  4. Wow, Joy! This is a great plot analysis of “My Life as an Alphabet”. Did you like the book, or do you think it could be better?

    1. I really liked the character ‘Candice Phee’. She’s one of my absolute favourite book characters ever. Well, I don’t really know what could be better because everything was set out so nicely. Thanks for commenting Georgie!

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