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The book I am currently reading is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I am re-reading this book for the third time but I love it so I don’t mind one bit. I highly recommend this book. If you’re looking for something very deep and eye opening read this amazing novel. Once done, I suggest reading Pluto, his childhood friend, Christopher’s, perspective and Shingaling which focuses on his classmate, Charlotte’s perspective. I have not read them but plan to.

My character analysis is on the main protagonist, August or Auggie (nickname). The character has “mandibulofacial dysostosis” or more commonly called a cleft palate or Treacher Collins syndrome. He also has many other face abnormalities. When the book started he was a 10-year old living in Manhattan. He is usually stared at and bullied for his features. That’s why Halloween is his favorite time of year. Other than Halloween occasions when he was younger he would wear a spacesuit helmet out in public to avoid rude staring and mistreating. His family members are (Oli)Via, Isabel and Nate Pullman (parents). They also have their dog Daisy.

His personality traits are..

  • shy
  • brave
  • intelligent
  • strong
  • sensitive
  • determined
  • introvert

I literally love this character. He is very misjudged by almost everyone in the book though. Except for his best friend Summer and after a series of change his fake friend Jack, also becomes his best friend. The main bully and antagonist is Julian, who often puts him down for his looks and is mean to him lots. He has 2 friends who he’s known forever and one special bestfriend called Christopher. He moved away though when they were 7. The first classmates he met were Charlotte, Jack and Julian. He’s been through lots in his life but he still was slightly keen on not doing homeschool and facing the real world more. It’s a really great story and has many great morals.



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    1. I agree Oliver. Really touching isn’t it. It can change minds and make people act differently of the people who have read it too! Amazing book. Thanks for commenting Oliver. How is Year 5 going for you?

  1. I love this book to Joy. I think you described August very well and if I needed to explain this book to someone I would take them straight to this post. Keep up the good work.

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